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A Glimpse about Rattan Furniture in Cirebon

By: Niez

Cirebon is a border city between West Java and Middle Java, so Cirebon is having an acculturation between two cultures, from food, language, clothes, custom and many other aspects. Cirebon location, which is near the Java Sea, made it having a lot of access to get everything easily, like products from other islands or even other countries. One of them is rattan. As we know, Cirebon doesn’t have any Forrest that rattan can grow up in this area. In Indonesia we can find rattan from Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi Island.

Rattan furniture in Cirebon started since in 70’s, and its growing very fast until the booming time on the 1998 - 2000 when the Dollar rate increased until IDR 15,000.00/ USD 1.00, every rattan furniture business took a lot of profit, and many exporter getting rich even all Indonesian economics was ruined and a lot of company collapsed, but rattan furniture business getting bigger and stronger. And now when the US Dollar exchange is unstable makes the exporter having a problem to make a standard price for their products. Hopefully the money exchange is going to stable in next year.

In Cirebon, especially in Plumbon, everyone almost having a talent, heritage from their parents to make furniture, from chair to table, from small handicraft to cupboard, you can find carpenter and rattan furniture maker very easily. You can even buy them in the side of the street, you can find a lot of kind of furniture in one shop. You can even ask them to make your own designs.

Now, Cirebon is a well-known place for rattan furniture exporter. It’s so easy to find rattan Furniture Company, it is spread from Plered area to Arjawinagun. You can start to find the company from your room or office by google it in the internet, Click rattan and Cirebon, you will get a lot of rattan furniture company from Cirebon. Now not only rattan is main products for furniture, to keep clients keep coming back to buy from us, designer improve the product by changed and combined the material such as water hyacinth, seagrass, banana leaf, and plastic. Each company having their own designs, but if you have custom furniture that you want them to make, you can give them your idea and designs. For Rattanland, it started the business in 1999 when rattan business are booming. Mr. Tonton Taufik as Managing director, change the marketing system in modern way. It change from the pre production until the goodies ready to ship. Rattanland also have so many models that always updated every months.

Now every rattan furniture importer, wholesaler, and retailers from the whole world know that to find a good quality of rattan furniture, you can name it “Cirebon” and "Rattanland" a place that you can get all the best things for rattan furniture.(^_^)

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