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All About Wicker Furniture Business

Wicker furniture business is booming, right now. Many people all around the world has known about this trendy furniture. Maybe, it is because of its beauty, which catches many people’s eyes. Other than that, maybe it is because the uniqueness which is generating from this antique-looking furniture. But, overall, if you see this piece of wonderful furniture, it would be sure to say that you will bewitched with it. For you who seen this piece of work for the first time, it would safe to say that there is a big possibility to add this type of furniture in your house. Just be prepared for it.


A little advice, before buying your own wicker furniture, it would be best if you know more about this. Let’s know more about this wicker furniture.


 What is Wicker Furniture?


Casually, people think that wicker furniture is one of the type of newest furniture that has been made from wicker material. But, actually that definition is wrong. In general, truthfully there is no furniture material called wicker. Instead, “wicker” is a word which refers to the end-result of a product. Wicker commonly known as an act of weaving for any furniture, such as chair seat. As the final result, you will get a wicker furniture in the form of woven chair, woven buggy, woven couch or wonderful basket. So, in simple, wicker is not a material itself. It is the final woven article which has been made to complete a furniture, that is usually made with the use of many variety of materials.


Maybe, people who get a knowledge that said wicker as a material, has been confused it with cane, splint or rush seat chairs. The three materials are known as “wicker pieces”. But, they aren’t wicker, actually. They are just materials which has been used to make the design and the pattern of wicker furniture, or just materials which has been used to be a woven seat. So, don’t be confused, okay!


What Are Wicker Furniture Made Out Of?


Actually, the thing that made out the wicker furniture are many. Many materials from different types are usually used to create a wicker furniture. But, among all of them, there are two main types of materials which generally used to make this furniture. They are paper fibre rush and rattan reed. Other than that, pole or stick rattan has become another common thing to use in creating wicker furniture. There are also other materials choices, such as bamboo and oriental seagrass.


You also can found that a wicker furniture has been made from cane. Cane is actually the outer skin of the rattan palm. It is usually found in its bark. To make a beautiful addition to the wicker furniture business, cane is processed to be made in the form of strips. Until now, this material is used to make the weaving seats and often be used for the backs of a furniture which is needed a wood frame. Other than that, this material usually used as a wrapping joints in a combination of pole-rattan material to make wicker furniture.


Of course, with the appearance of different materials, there will be different look in your wicker furniture. For example, there are a big difference between paper fibre wicker furniture and rattan reed wicker furniture. Both of them are surely real wicker, but in its looks and durability, they aren’t same. Rattan reed wicker can be broken or snapped easily, like a stick or a twig. Yet, it is one type of material which is naturally growing, so it is earth-friendly. But, for paper fibre wicker, it is so hard to be raveled. It is not natural as it is actually a product from twisted paper which is done by human help. Because of that type of difference, it is recommended for you to know about the materials that you would like to have in your furniture, so you will never regret it later.


How To Keep Wicker Furniture to Always Clean?


After you are buying wicker furniture for your house, then it would be better for you to know about the perfect ways in cleaning wicker furniture. It is important as you have to clean your wicker furniture cleanly. If not, you will find your wicker furniture full of dust.


Let’s see, to keep your wicker furniture to be always clean, you have to identify the materials that has been used to make the wicker furniture. It is important for you to know it. Different materials which has been used to make wicker furniture will make you to have a different way to clean your wicker furniture.


For example, cleaning rattan reed wicker furniture is actually easier than any other types of wicker furniture. With rattan reed as its main material, you just have to vacuum it frequently. Vacuuming will help you to remove any dirt in the surface, any dirt which has been embedded in the weave condition, and remove any possible pet hair. Removing them is a thing that you must do, especially if you place this type of furniture in your living room. Who knows, maybe one of your guest may allergic to dirt and per hair. Then, it would be bad if his/her allergy comes out just because you don’t clean your pet wicker furniture thoroughly.


If sometimes you find that cleaning the wicker furniture by vacuuming do not end your problem, then you have to clean it more precisely. You can use the help of a damp and clean towel or cloth. It can be used when the dirt is so stubborn to go and hard to remove. But, this act can’t be done if your wicker furniture is really absolutely truly grimy and dirty. In that case, it would be good for you to clean it by using a water spray hose for your wicker furniture. Of course, it would be good if you take the piece materials only. Any kind of interaction with water may loosen the glue joints of your wicker furniture. You don’t want your wicker furniture to be fail later, right?


Of course, in doing that, it is recommended for you to use warm water only. Do it outside and make sure that you get the help of light detergent to make it cleaner. Easy, right? Hopefully you can get the best wicker furniture in this wicker furniture business.

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