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BOAT Abaca Daybed & WASHINGTON AbacaCouch: Unique Designs for Changing

By: Nisa

We always try something new to make our home looks very beautiful with many ways, we try to put new stuff in our home with furniture, we put rugs and carpet, or we change the color of our walls. Sometimes the furniture shape is always same, for chair it will have the arm, the back, the some cushions and the variation only on the material that we use.

Rattanland is having new collections that having a very unique shape, and it is made to fulfil the needed of the unique furniture that can change the whole things. One of them is Boat daybed. It is made by black abaca, but the frame is made by aluminium. The frame is strong so some people can sit it on in the same times. The top umbrella is knock down, so it can be wrap smaller. This daybed is can be put in your bedroom near the large windows. And also it can be put on your garden or near the swimming pool. The design is very unique but still looks very beautiful. The cushion is made following the shape of the seat of the daybed and very cozy for you to lean and sleep on it.

The other design is Washington couch. It is looks like an egg with the weaving is covered the entire surface. The material is same as Boat daybed, using abaca for the weaving and also allumunium for the frame. Washington couch is very beautiful if you put it in your rest area like in your garden, or in your bedroom. This couch is also made to make you feel comfortable to sit on or you can meditate on it.

The cushion is using thick foam with many pillows, you can put six pillows to make this couch feel cozy and comfortable. Washington couch is solid furniture, so maybe you will take a lot of space if you want to order it, but you can fulfill with smaller things like accessories, some lamps, or even some hamper.

These two designs are also made for resort and hotels, as it is can be put in side the swimming pool of the hotel and resort. The Boat daybed and Washington couch material is using abaca to make the designs more tropical feel. We sure it will make your place in the tropical paradise. This unique designs will makes you fell relax and having holiday all night and all day.
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