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CASABLANCA Living Set: The Most Popular Living Set

By: Niez

When we hear about Casablanca, we maybe remember about the romantic city in the movie Casablanca, the love story that end sadly. In Rattanland, Casablanca is still romantic but it is a nice and simple living set made by rattan poles and braided water hyacinth. The materials that make Casablanca very popular, and not only that the price is also make this set saleable.

Casablanca is design to fulfill the customer needs for cheap, simple, small, and not heavy furniture. This range is really suitable for a small house or narrow room. It was really nice to sit on, comfort and still look very beautiful and exotic. You can mix this range with the corner rack or magazine rack in accessories range. Or you can ask the marketing person to show you the chest drawers, or make you the designs of the bedroom set. And for Dining set, you can try Monterey dining set to complete the range.

This range is very popular in Middle East and North America. It always sale very well, and they always coming back to get more order from Rattanland. It makes the Casablanca living set the most popular range in Rattanland, beside that the process of making this furniture easier than any other furniture. Because of this range is very popular, Rattanland already knows how to make this range very quickly.

Casablanca living set is made for you who like the simple, smaller furniture that only take small space but still have an artistic taste. Casablanca living set can also put in your patio or porch not only in your living room. With put this range in your patio and porch, your house will look like in the Tropical Island, or even a resort.

The color that use to be used for this range are the pecan glaze color, because it will make the material more bright and looks very natural. You can choose for any other color, but dark color is very elegant for this range. For the cushion, you can choose the brownish or beige color, don’t forget to ask your marketing person to show you the cover sample. The best way to choose the color is when you visit the factory, because when you in the factory, they can show you all the possibility for the color, material, cushion covers, the cushion density and other choice. I am sure if you order this range it will have a good prospect in your country, and for end user, it will make your room brighter.(^_^)
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