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Choose the Best Rattan Furniture Supplier

By: Nisa

If you want to import rattan furniture from Cirebon, try to find the best and suitable with all your qualification? Try to find it in search engine, click rattan furniture and Cirebon, you will get some website of the company. It means that the company is exist and having their models.

Ask them the entire conditional and also the term that they have, about the payment term, with Letter of Credit (L/C) or Telex Transfer (T/T) or other way. With the T/T you will have only pay the Down Payment and The rest if they already shipped the container, with L/C you will have to make agreement with your bank to open L/C and you will more safe and the supplier too, as it will protect both of you, but off course it will takes time and money also a lot of papers to deal with the bank.

The production time, are they using 30 days, 45 days, or even 60 days? The rattan furniture supplier in Cirebon always chooses 45 days in production, and it will be ready to ship after 45 days. If you want to check your goods before it shipped you can told them that you have to inspect by your self to make sure all the goods is okay.

A good supplier will notice all your note and qualification, you have always to remind them all the things that you want with the products, the color, size, materials and other things.

If you want to get more information about the company, you can ask to the Indonesian embassy, because they have all records of the good rattan furniture from Cirebon, because a lot of importer have buy from them. Don’t forget to ask them what other company that already buy from them to see and ask whether your supplier has good and the best quality.

Cirebon is having so many rattan furniture company that you can choose, but you have to be careful because not all the company have good quality and can be trusted. You have to be learnt about the company first and ask everything that you think it is necessary with your furniture qualification. Rattanland can provide you all your qualification, they accept L/C or T/T and also best quality as you required.

If you already sure that this is the best supplier for you, you can make an arrangement to visit and see directly, the factory, the way they work and process in the company. Ask them to book a hotel for you, as the hotel has a special rate for some company.

I hope this will help you to choose the best supplier for your company and start the business with supplier from Cirebon, and Welcome to Cirebon, the city of rattan furniture.(^_^)
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