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Choose 'water hyacinth furniture' for your Home

Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that usually grows in rivers, lakes, or ponds.  It has dark green leaves that are elliptical or circular in shape.  The leaves are attached to an inflated spongy petiole, and the plant can grow as high as three feet.  It has a striking violet to light blue flowers located on its terminal spike.  However, under the water you will find heavy and thick branches of the dark fibrous root system. 

It has been discovered that water hyacinth possesses superb quality material for furniture production.  Furniture shops started in Thailand presented water hyacinth as an artistic approach to furniture making and design.  If you combine the fine details of true craftsmanship, classic appeal of creative design, and natural beauty of water hyacinth, you can create contemporary furniture that is perfect in outdoor or indoor interiors. 

The dried leaves and stems of water hyacinth are woven using an ingenious technique and produce coffee tables, sofas, day beds, chairs, and other furniture used in dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.  These furniture are not only pieces of great character and beauty, they’re strong and long-lasting too. 

If you use water hyacinth furniture, you are also protecting the environment.  This plant grows and spreads easily – its reproductive rate astonishes ecologists and botanists.  If the pond is very still, these water hyacinths can cover the entire pond in a month’s time.  All the more reason to harvest it and turn it into furniture if you don’t want it to overtake waterways, obstruct water flow, and eventually kill the fishes.  In fact, it’s listed in the Invasive Species roster of USDA.  So if you want to grow water hyacinth, it’s best to have an indoor water pond, rather than introduce them to natural water bodies. 

Luxury resorts in the Mediterranean and Asia use water hyacinth furniture for its functionality and beauty.  And today, the rest of the world are now starting to get curious and interested to own a unique piece. 

Although water hyacinth furniture can be used as an outdoor item, you must not let it be exposed to Ultraviolet rays of the sun for a very long period of time.  This will affect the color and structure of your furniture.  If you want to place it outdoors, it is best to put it under a shade or cover it from time to time.  You can also invert the cushions periodically. 

Caring for Hyacinth Furniture 

Wipe the frames with a clean, moist cloth to remove spills or dust.  Also use a vacuum with soft brush attachment to clean the woven parts.  It is very important that water hyacinth furniture does not remain damp or wet because this would result in moulds that will subsequently deteriorate the item.

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