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Classics vs. Modern Rattan Furniture Styles: Which One do you like?

By: Niez

The rattan furniture development is always changing time to time. Every rattan furniture producers in the world is always having a new idea to get the new market and also create a new trend. Trend will be always having big influence in the sales of rattan furniture export. The trend will always changing with market demand, but it always back to two basics of the rattan furniture models, the classics style or Modern style. Rattanland is trying to make these two different styles in the factory, so you don’t have to go to many factories to have both classics and modern style.

The classics rattan furniture style, you can find it in some models, that having high difficulties and also having a lot of curves and using the dark color, like cherry and dark brown color. One of the classics style is in the new collection range, the Medina Chair. Medina chair is having high difficulties with a lot of curve and also the curve wooden arm to make it more classics and look antiques. The weave is also having difficulties and two sided weave. And this Medina chair will take time to produce from the beginning until the finishing end. Classic rattan furniture style is picked because it will make the luxury effect and also antique effect that will make the owner prestige will effect too.

Rattanland is also produce modern rattan furniture style, the modern is always having minimalist concept, without any accessories and sometimes it is only square models. Just like in Bossanova style, it is square and having a simple weave and shape, only square look. The Color sometimes using light and natural color, for Bossanova, Rattanland is using two tone colors, one is natural and one is black and it is weaving randomly. So it will have a unique effect. Now Modern style is picked because it more simple and also not taking time to taking care of, and sometimes it is picked because it is suitable with this era.

The Market demand will always changing everyday, but these two style will always develop and also no matter do you want to pick, the classics or modern style or even both of them, you can always find them in Rattanland. You can mix and match these classics and modern rattan furniture together and Rattanland will help you to find the right one for you, it is your choice.
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