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DHAKA Abaca Living Set: It is Big, Sophisticated, and Luxury

By: Niez

If you have a big space on your living room or in your bed room, you can try to put Dhaka Living set in those rooms. Dhaka living set is one of the latest living set that Rattanland has in their collections. This is very special design, made by banana leaf or abaca, and design just like your leather sofas.

The shape is very unconventional for Rattan or banana leaf furniture. The arm of the Dhaka Living set is big and roly-poly to follow the leather living set that usually we saw and we have. The wooden knob on the arm and the back side is design to make some accessories in the living set. It will be some accent to make the Dhaka living set is different and not fully in banana leaf.

The wooden leg is also made to make the chair comfortable, it is tapered and short. The coffee table also short and designed same as the ottoman. You can also put drawers on the one side of the coffee table. The coffee table top is using 8mm or 10mm beveled glass top. The Glass top of this coffee table is can in rectangular or round, it is depend on your taste. You can discuss it more with Rattanland.

The cushion that fitted for Dhaka living set is big and thick seat cushion, and the accent with pillow cushion. You can also put some cushion to protect the arm, because the arm is big and hard. This living set is very suitable in your guest room and living room. In the living room, it will be suitable to use this living set to watch television and share with the family.

This living set is very beautiful if it is made in dark color, so you can play with the cushion color. Choose the bright and light color to make the living set more cheerful. This is very unique living set, and very new, so do not have to wait to get this for your house. This living set is a heavy one, but Dhaka living set will change your guest room and living room looks very luxury and sophisticated.

Dhaka living set is very suitable to put in the hotel lobby, so it will present the luxury and sophisticated hotel. The Dhaka Living set is not only good accent furniture, but it is designed to make people comfortable with what their seat on. It is design have huge space on seat and lean back to make you comfortable while you see television or chat with your family and relative.

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