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Furniture Raw Material Type Characteristics

By: Niez

Rattanland always want to make something new to fulfill the market trend for furniture models and materials. The trend market always changing every year, in the beginning rattan is the most famous materials that Rattanland has. Now every manufacturer in Indonesia using other materials thats having different characteristics and makes a new style of furnitures. The Materials are:


Abaca is made from black banana tree, it is only found in Philipine, it is from banana tree layer, in Indonesia called pelepah. The pelepah is remove from the tree, especially the outer layer. Then it is dried into the sun, and after is completely dry, the material is ready to twist. The characteristics of abaca are it is stronger because it is twist, and also the color of abaca is very beautiful, so you no need to finish it with other color.


Banana Natrual is same as Abaca, but it is easy to find in Indonesia, as it is made from Indonesia. The colour of Pelepah is bleach by H2O2, so the black color is gone. And also it is use the inner layer of banana tree, so the black color is inside the twist. It is strong, and have a big twist. This is suitable for big living set, such as Dhaka Living set. This material can be color with other color that you like as the color is white or beige.


Brankas water hyacinth is made from water hyacinth. Water hyacinth is a vegetation that live in the lake or river or water lilies. We use the bole of water hyacinth, then it it cut from the leaf and also the flower. After that it is dried into the sun until the color is light brown or yellow. This material characteristic is very fragile and have to treat very smooth from the beginning until you have it into your home because its still same from the first stage, and no twisting or braided.


Flat water hyacinth material same as brankas water hyacinth, the difference is from the step after it is dried, it is braided to make the material stronger and beautiful. It is very good for living set and dining set. The perfect color is dark brown color with black wash or brown wash.


Rattan Croco is made from the outer skin of rattan, the color is dark, and it is cut bigger, and really nice to be made as big living room and dining room, you can also make the weaving by your own style. This is strong but if you want to make other color not using natural, don't forget to ask Rattanland to make the color absorb into the material.


Rattan Peel Natural is same as Croco, the difference is the skin is already bleach so the color is lighter looking and light yellow. It is cut smaller, so it can be use for small furnitures like dining chairs without arm. And you can choose any color for this material.


Seagrass is made from wild weed, sometime we can find it in savanna. As other material, we gave to dried it first, but even that the color is same, the light beautiful green. This is very strong material, you can use it for any furnitures and also any color. The natural color will be green and very popular for dining chair.


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