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Go Green with Abaca Furniture

The effects of global warming have been a hanging threat over the heads of people all over the world. Unfortunately, while some people are ardently promoting the Go Green Movement, a great percentage of the population refuses to heed the call.  Today, however, people are more concerned with the effects of climatic change. Industries are finally aware of the need to fight global warming. Furniture industries have joined the ranks by producing eco-friendly products using other sustainable materials as alternative to wood.

One of these alternative materials is abaca (pronounced ah buh kah). Abaca is one of the species of banana that is widely grown in the Philippines for its strong fiber that is also called Manila hemp. Abaca fiber that is produced from the body of the abaca plant is used to make various handcrafted merchandise. Slippers, bags, wall coverings, rugs, sunshades are only some of the abaca products exported by the Philippines, the largest abaca producing county.

When it comes to decorating and furnishing the homes, a lot of people have made the transition from products that would pose dangers to their health and to the earth as well. These furniture and furnishings however, would oftentimes cost hundred if not thousands of dollars…way too high for an average income earner to afford. This was before furniture using sustainable materials like abaca, seagrass, and rattan was developed. Nowadays, it is common to see abaca furniture gracing the homes and offices.

A 3 piece set of abaca convex and concave sections can be individually used as stools or can be used as a cocktail or coffee table when grouped together, a mirror with hand woven abaca frame will add elegance to a foyer. An abaca chest on the hall used to store linens will double up as additional seats to accommodate guests. Hand woven abaca baskets of varying sizes can hold magazines and books and at the same time can be used as planters to hold exotic palms. A glass topped abaca dining table with its matching earth toned chairs will create subtle elegance. So who says, these eco-friendly furniture would only create a rustic ambience? Well designed abaca furniture will lend elegance to any kind of setting.

These are only several home decorating ideas that will enhance the looks of your home while at the same time provide comfort for the family. By using furniture made of sustainable materials, you are actually promoting the Go Green Movement. And most importantly, by using this eco-friendly furniture, you are making sure that you as well as the earth will not be poisoned.
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