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How Long Rattan Furniture will last?

By: Niez

Maybe you always wander how long the rattan furniture will last in your home, because rattan furniture is having different characteristic with wooden furniture especially teak wood furniture, teak wood is having a strong characteristic and also when it is older it is getting harder and look very antiques. How about the rattan furniture? It is having same quality as teak wood furniture.

Rattan furniture is not as strong as teak wood furniture, and also the characteristic is not too hard as teak wood furniture. Rattan furniture is having 3-5 years time before the fitrit will crack in some parts, especially in the wicker weaving, The 3-5 mm fitrit sometimes getting hard and easy to crack if you not taking care of it very gently. When the air absorb the moist from the fitrit, it will make the fitrit getting harder and just like the the kindling.

The Rattan poles and rattan core is stronger as the size is bigger than fitrit. The small size as we find the wicker weave is making the fitrit is easy to crack, that’s why you have to taking care it with some polish and wax that will make this shiny and also will make the wicker weave more stronger because the moist is locking by the wax.

Fitrit or wicker weaving is having a strong characteristic especially when it is weave very tight and it will protect each other, the tight wicker weaving is stronger than widely weaving because 3-5 mm will be very easy to crack when you hit it coincidently. If you like durable type, you better pick the tight wicker weaving furniture, because it is more stronger, and if you still want the widely wicker weaving furniture, select the best one with the best material and quality.

Don’t worry as Rattanland is making the best quality rattan furniture and your rattan furniture is has been proceed with very good treatment and also will make the best models so you don’t have to afraid it will crack very easily. The process to make the best quality is from the beginning, from the raw material selection. The raw material will effect with the end quality of the rattan furniture and also the finishing is also having a big influence in the rattan furniture age. Rattanland want you to have the best and durable rattan furniture, and the process of making this rattan furniture is taking time.
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