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How to buy and care for 'rattan furniture'

Rattan is an environmentally friendly, strong, and beautiful material.  Its natural qualities allow it to be tanned, shaped, and bent to make long-lasting and gorgeous furniture. 

If you want to make your rattan furniture buying experience a pleasant one, follow these tips: 

·         Know what you want.  There are quite a number of options to consider before you buy rattan furniture.  Although it’s very versatile, you have to determine whether you want to buy it for home or office and indoor or outdoor.  Also, whether you would need a single piece, just a few pieces, or the entire set.  Finalizing these decisions beforehand will save you time and money. 

·         Find a showroom.  Local rattan sellers usually have a showroom to showcase their work.  If you visit them, you can actually see and touch the furniture.  Look for durability and design, but the greatest factor that you should not compromise is comfort. It’s important to try out the furniture pieces before you buy them because rattan furniture usually comes in non-traditional designs.  Not only will you have an actual feel of the material, but you will also get to see firsthand the different shades of wood and make sure that the colors will truly match the décor in your home. 

·         If you don’t have the time, you can just shop online.  The advantage of this is you get to browse through different rattan furniture manufacturers in just a few strokes.  You will be able to compare prices in the rattan market as well as find a great variety of designs. 

·         Buy properly finished pieces.  Ensure that the rattan wood in your furniture has been professionally sealed and finished.  A good finish would show the wood’s natural colors with a very slight sheen – if it’s finished this way, your rattan furniture will be durable and retain its natural beauty for many years.  Chips and dark spots are a sign that the finishing or sealing was not done properly. 

·         Get a warranty.  Even though rattan wood has always been known for its durability, you will have more peace of mind in your purchase if you make sure that the warranty will give you the right to repair or replace the item if you found some unnatural defects within a certain period of time. 

Rattan furniture is easy to maintain if it is taken cared of properly.  Here are the basic care tips for your furniture: 

Avoid dragging rattan chairs because the reed might splitVacuum (with an attached brush) the woven panelsDust your furniture with a soft cloth regularly
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