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How to Make Wicker Furniture Last for Years

Homeowners spend a great deal of time and effort to find the most fitting furniture pieces for their homes. Everything from color, size, lighting, texture, and function must blend well together.   

Today a lot of homeowners find beauty in wicker furniture which has a reputation of being flexible enough to combine with other fixtures. Collecting wicker furniture, like any investment, involves money and homeowners are sometimes afraid that they will just be ruined.  

Buying the Right Wicker Furniture    

When getting wicker furniture, planning is very vital so you will not waste money and time. Here are some of the things that you need to do or prepare for if you are getting wicker furniture: 

Since moisture and excessive sun exposure is not good for your wicker furniture, it is advisable to place them under a covered area when used outdoors.  They are perfect for gazebos, cabanas, porch, or patios.  Estimate the space that you have prior to deciding which furniture to get.  Overly large pieces will congest an area and will defeat the purpose of having wicker furniture which is known for their comfort.  Purchase factory assembled pieces. They are delicate materials which can be damaged if you are not used to handling them. If you will be putting a piece together, be very extra careful especially with the joints that will dictate the stability of your chair, table, etc.  Invest in furniture covers especially if you will use them in uncovered areas or on the porch.  Get it from respected companies. If you are in the US or the UK, most of wicker furniture is imported. Look for local dealers that can offer you the best deal without sacrificing the quality.

 Taking Care of Your Wicker  

Knowing how to buy the right pieces and knowing how to care for your wicker furniture can help them last for years. Here are some practical tips: 

Rid your furniture of dust and moisture using a soft cloth. You can also make use of a vacuum to get rid of allergens that might be thriving in the joints and corners of your pieces.  Once a year, you can wash your wicker furniture using lukewarm water and a sponge. Dry them with a soft cloth and leave them to completely dry under the sun.  Mildews may also grow on wicker furniture. Try to sponge it off with soap. You can also try using bleach or lemon juice to wipe them off. You can also repaint them according to your desired colors. Just make sure you clean them first and get rid of dusts to have a fine finish.
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