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How to Remove Mould in your Furniture

By: Niez

You must be ever faced a problem with your furniture, whether it was having a mould, powder, especially rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth and banana leaf, when rain season comes. You mad because maybe you have bought it very expensive and it is waste money to call carpenter to remove the mould. Water hyacinth, banana leaf and seagrass were made by moist vegetation, so it is easily to absorb moist from the air. When moist absorb to the materials, it will make fungus and moulds grow up. It was so bad to see your furniture having a bad look and maybe you will throw it away before you have an idea to remove the mould.

It is really bad when you have this problem with your furniture, this little tip before you throw away your furniture, maybe you can try it after you read this article. It is simple, easy and you can do it your self without you have to call carpenter and loss a lot of money.

To protect your furniture from further damage, the simple way is using kerosene. Kerosene will kill all the mould, fungus and insects that live in your furniture. It is very simple to use, take a little napkin and pour enough kerosene, but not too much, and rub it gently to the material that having a mould and fungus. Don’t forget to rub it where there was no fungus and mould too, because it will protect it, it is wise to avoid it before it happens that we have to fix it after it happened, right?

When the companies treat the raw material they use some insecticide to kill the mould and insect that live in the raw material and sometimes wash it with some detergent to remove it and after that dry it in the sun, but for you as a end user you can use only kerosene to remove it and protect the water hyacinth and seagrass. Just be careful to use the kerosene, not around your children. Remember to use it very carefully and not too much using it in your furniture. In Rattanland they will always treat the raw material first. They have some models that use water hyacinth (Rio De Jeneiro Living Set), seagrass (Monte Carlo Living Set), and many other models.

Don’t forget to ask your supplier to make a good quality on your furniture order and asked them to treat the raw material with good quality insecticide, or asked to your wholesale or retailer that they bought good quality furniture from their supplier. Don’t worry, the insecticide wont harm you or your children. Hopefully there’s no problem with your furniture, but when it happened to you, you know what you have to do to fix the problem.(^_^)

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