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How to Repair the Sheet of Your Cane Furniture

Cane furniture pieces are highly known for their durability and reliability. If you have one, you can expect it to last a lifetime. However, there are some cases when the furniture may have worn-out, primarily because it has withstood several decades of existence or it was not properly maintained. In such circumstances, it is time for the furniture owner to do his job. Repair and restoration of the cane furniture should be made.    

Basically, if the cane furniture is hand-woven, you have no choice but to look for a highly skilled worker who can replace the cane strand by strand along the individual holes in the frame. However, if your cane furniture piece makes us of a machine-woven cane sheet, you can replace all by yourself. Pre-woven sheet are very easy to replace. Below are some steps you should follow:   

a. Remove the old cane and spline. You can use a chisel to force the spine to loosen up. However, if the spline is tight, you can use vinegar or hot water to soften the glue that was used to hold the sheet into the spline. After the glue softens, you can place a block of wood or any block of hard object under the canning. Once you are sure that you have the furniture in a stable position, tap the block using a hammer. Once you have removed the cane and spline from the seat frame, clean the groove using your chisel. 

b. Look for your canning replacement. There are many craft stores that offer pre-woven sheets and splines of various kinds. You may also opt to buy online. Before buying the new sheet and spline, measure your seat frame first. Make sure that the dimensions of the new cane sheet that you buy is not less than an two inches larger than the length and width of your seat frame. Check if the spine also has the right width for your seat’s groove. Before you install the materials, soak them in warm water for no more than fifteen minutes. 

c. When the cane sheet and the spline are already pliable, you can then start assembling your furniture. Place the cane sheet over the groove with the shiny surface on the side up. Use a wood wedge to pound the end of the sheet into the groove. Stretch the sheet firmly across the frame. When the sheet is already firmly attached to the groove around the seat frame, trim the excess cane sheet using a sharp chisel. While doing so, you can use a hammer to tap the sheet.   

d. Force the spline into the groove over the cane sheet. You may use a mallet to drive the spline in the groove. Using the glue, install the spline in several pieces but you should make sure that the ends fit firmly in order to form a continual spline. When the spline is in place, wipe off the excess adhesive and let your furniture dry completely.

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