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It Is All About the Furniture Quality

By: Nisa

We always want to get the best from the goods that buy from the store, supermarket or small shop. That’s what customer want from the furniture supplier. Some companies ignore the quality of rattan or wooden furniture because they chase for the quantity only without having any proper quality checking in the process until the finishing time. It will make the customer runaway and look for a new supplier.

Rattanland is always trying hard to make all the customers happy and satisfied with the product and service. The quality is always being the important thing in producing rattan and wooden furniture in Rattanland. The commitment to make the best quality furniture is proven by put Quality Control people to check in all the process line of making furniture. The Quality Control (QC) is put in the crucial line in the production process.

The first process is picking the raw material, QC will check the raw material, check the quality, and grade of the material. Then the QC for framing of the furniture, the QC people will check strengthens of the frame and stability with putting it on the piece of glass, and not forgets to check the size. Then the weaving process, QC people will check the tightness and neatness of the weave. After that QC will check for the sanding and finishing process, some furniture need to be sand twice and finishing more to make the perfect color. QC people will check all the overall quality of the furniture after it finished completely.

And also Rattanland always taking pictures in every step of the process to make a report to the customer so they can check what on the process now of their order. The quality will be the main factor to make the customer trust with their supplier and have the long-term relationship. That’s why Rattanland is always try to give the best quality to make the customer come back and re-order again for next time, even before the goods is shipped to their country. Rattanland is hoping that the customer is always give an advice or suggestion if the customers are having a problem with Rattanland product, so it can be solve together and also still having a good relationship, because furniture quality matter will make the relationship between supplier and customer are getting closer or even getting worst. So now for Rattanland it is all about the rattan or wooden furniture quality.
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