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Kooboo Grey: New Best Seller Rattan Material

By: Niez

Not many peoples know about kooboo grey material, this is now become a booming in rattan furniture industry. This year kooboo grey are attracting so many buyers from many countries to buy the furniture from kooboo grey. Kooboo grey is rattan skin which is soaked in the mud for couple of days to get the grey color in the surface. This grey color is become the kooboo grey is unique because you don’t have to use other color because the color is already beautiful and also natural, maybe you only put the glossy or top coat to protect the skin. The kooboo gray size about 3-5 mm, it is like your rattan skin material but with brand new color.

Rattanland as the best rattan furniture exporter from Indonesia is already have the kooboo grey furniture such as Burgas chair, ligano dining chair and also Geneva armchair, each chair is having their own uniqueness but what make them special is because they are using kooboo grey as the main weaving the the chair.One of our customers from Spain said that the kooboo grey will be new best thing in the rattan furniture business as it is very beautiful, whether in the natural material color but it is also beautiful when it is already becoming weaving in the chair or tables.

Now Rattanland will develop kooboo grey to become more than a material in chair and tables, in next time maybe you will find the kooboo grey for the bed room collections, like the bed set, the night stand, and many other furnitures. Kooboo grey is also very strong material just like the rattan skin furniture that you usually find, but because the color is different, and you can use many color for the cushion to make the furniture brighter.

You also can use the two tone color for the weaving like the wash color, the thin black wash will be very beautiful also as it will make your furniture having a classic touch in the color tone. So in this New Year 2008, make a new style with new furniture from kooboo gray, and Rattanland is not forget to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 FOR ALL THE LOYAL CUSTOMERS AND NEW CUSTOMERS, RATTANLAND WILL ALWAYS BE THE LEADING IN THE RATTAN FURNITURE STYLE, PERFORMANCE AND ALSO YOUR BEST PARTNER.” Start a new year with us and our furniture from Rattanland, your partner of rattan furniture to trust.
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