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Preparing for Rattan Furniture Exhibition

By: Niez

We always want to make our company is getting bigger, stronger and also well known by our customer. To make them know about us, sometimes we have to show them that we are existing by having a show of our products. By showing our products to peoples, they will know that we are a company that producing something and ready to having business with any customer. In the beginning Rattanland is having exhibit to make the customer know about the company, and it is succeed.

For us the rattan Furniture Company we will show our furniture products, for example we have living set, dining set, bedroom set and accessories. To have exhibition we have to prepare what furniture that we will show to the audience and customers. To make the preparation sometimes we will have to prepare it a year before we will exhibit.

The first step is to decide the designs of the furniture, it will take time because we have to make the design, decide the material that we will use and also the color for the furniture and also the cushion. We have to know the market trend, where the trend go now and also decide if we want to follow the trend, or making our own trend. This is will make a huge different, if we follow the trend maybe it will be the same like many company that also exhibit in that show. If we make our own trend, maybe people will like that or maybe they will hate that because it different and people not usual with that.

The next step is production time, it will take so many times, because sometimes we want some changing on material or designs, and also taking your production time for order. While the production time, we also calculating the cost to make the new collections. That’s why we need to think about it very carefully. If the new collections are ready, we have to make some pictures for catalogs, and also we make the price list for these collections.

Don’t forget to discuss many other aspects about the exhibition with all the staff of the company to see what else can be needed while we show our products. We have to calculate and also knew about our competitor. Who are they, what they produce and many others. And not forget about our customer, don’t forget to invite them to come to your booth, make the best invitation so they will be interest to come to see our new products.
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