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Ramadan is Rattanland motivation to working harder

By: Niez

Ramadan is now on since this September 13th to October 13th, the date will always chance every year as Ramadan is using lunar calendar. And as a Muslim, we are having fasting since early morning until evening time. We are not eating or drinking and also keep our behavior. Even we are starving and thirsty, we are working very hard to give the best for our customer. Ramadan is holy month for Muslim, and this is become our motivation to working harder to give the best model, the best quality and strict with the schedule that we both agreed.

Ramadan will not make Rattanland slow in give the best furniture and always working as we are not fasting, even people is working harder because they also want to get the best before Idul Fitri or the end of Ramadan, where we all celebrating our holy day. While Ramadan we still can give you a new collections and also sending so many containers to your company, this is the prove that we will always give you the best as the other month before and after ramadan. We will have a holiday off course, at least a week, but don't worry, we will try to ship all the container according to the date that we're agree before.

For information, sometimes we cannot send the containers a week before Idul Fitri and after Idul Fitri as all the road is only for cars and bus, so we will try to send the containers before the road is closed for containers. A week before Idul Fitri will be a busier week in every year because all the people is ready to go home to their home to meet their family and relative, sometimes they have to go to Central Java or East Java. So Rattanland will try to make all the orders as soon as possible.

Ramadan is holy month, but we are working hard still, the thirst and starving will not stop us to give you the best, we promise that Rattanland will not make your upset. Ramadan is our motivation. So Ramadan is the harder month every year for us as Indonesian and Muslim, as we will try to keep on schedule, working harder but still we have to keep the best quality to make our clients happy. So we all wish you happy holy Ramadhan month, we will always give you all the best!
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