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Rattanland Chest of Drawers & Wood Rack: Your Bed room Accessories

By: Niez

Chest of drawers is one of the furniture that people always want to have as it is have a lot of utility in your home to put many things in one places, but not only that chest of drawers is also have to look good as sometimes you put this in your bedroom. It is have to look very beautiful, nice and also classics.

Rattanland Chest of drawers is the answer to make you bedroom look very special. The wooden part is using special colors that make the chest of drawers looks antique. The top surface is using laminated mahogany wood, and also the wicker on all the side is in the pecan glaze color to make the antique look on the Rattanland Chest of Drawers.

This Rattanland chest of drawers is can be put in your room as your accessories or some jewelry; you can also put small television on the top of the chest. This antique look will make your room more sophisticated and luxury.

The other chest with drawers is Rattanland Wood Rack, this wood rack is look like a tall boy, with many small drawers and also tall size, and it is suitable to put your accessories and many things on it. The models is very classic just like the old chest drawers, but it is have nor rail on the drawers, but you don’t have to be worry, it will not stuck when you pull or push it.

These Rattanland Chest of Drawers and Wood Rack are very suitable to put in your bedroom, or maybe in any room or even in the bathroom to put towel and also the bath accessories. All you need is creativity and experiment to make your room look very different but still look very cozy and sophisticated. These two models maybe you can find in many places, but Rattanland quality is the best.

Rattanland will always try to make improvement with the models to make the customer happy with the collections, these two models is only some of the Rattanland models, Rattanland will try to help you to get everything here. Rattanland will be one stop rattan furniture factory to get everything. Don’t worry with the quality, the Rattanland quality will be the best and different with many factory that you used to be find in Indonesia. Have a nice shopping to Rattanland, we always want to give you the best.
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