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Rattanland in Progress


By: NieZZ


Last year Rattanland was having an award as the best rattan furniture exporter in Indonesia, the the award was gave by Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of Indonesia, but Rattabland will not stop to make something different to get more market. With supported government policy to promote Rattan Furniture is Indonesia, Rattanland want to get more attention from the world. As you can find Rattanland in just one click from the internet.


Customer that already having business with Rattanland is already know that Rattanland is having good marketing concept that follows the technology and also follows the trend that already happened in Indonesia. The award is becoming trigger for us to make some innovation with our market strategy and also always make the best service to our customer, as customer is always number one to make happy with our product.


Rattanland is also know that following the trend will be good for business, as you know that Rattanland will always try to upload new collections every months, so every customer know that Rattanland will always try the best to make a new catalog for you so you don't have to look for a new idea for your new collections, as we know that to get new idea is not easy and sometimes it will cost a lot for you.


The new idea is also to make give you easier to contact with us, by email or you can chat with our marketing when we're online, it will be very easier for you so you can communicate with our marketing easily. And also, Rattanland is having some plan to make our factory bigger, as now we only use 1/3 from the total area that we have in Cirebon, so we can produce more rattan furniture.


The progress will always happened in Rattanland, as we want to grow up together with all our partner, the Rattanland customers. We want all the Rattanland customer is getting bigger with our support from the rattan furnitures, and we also want all our customers are supports us too to get the best Rattan furniture company in Indonesia. Our target is to get more new customer everyday, and also maintain our old customer with our product and service. So with all the support from our customer and also our employee here in Rattanland, we always hope that Rattanland will always having a good progress and always one step forward to get the best.

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