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Rattanland: Where you can find the furniture that you want

By: Niez

If you are customer or new customer that wants to find Furniture Company to growing up together with your company, you right if you choose Rattanland as your supplier and partner. Rattanland is also having long history before as well known as today. Rattanland was build by a true spirit to make rattan furniture to be well known in the entire world. To make the customer know about Rattanland, Mr. Tonton Taufik as the owner was made exhibition in Jakarta, and took a lot of good respond from the new customer. And in eight years Rattanland became one of the largest Rattan Furniture Company in Cirebon.

Rattanland is always giving the new idea to the market and also with the new kind way of marketing and give the best service to the customer and also make the customers believe that Rattanland is the best company that can give them all the furniture that they want. Rattanland is giving customer new collections every month to make them know what is the trend and also new trend for up coming season. Even the company name is Rattanland, Rattaland is not only produce Rattan or wicker furniture, it is also produce furniture from teak, banana leaf, water hyacinth, plastic, seagrass, and many other materials. These materials are using to make customer know what their choice to make their clients happy is and always updating with the trend of market.

Rattanland is always want to make the customer not only fulfill with their products and models, but also with important information and also education about the furniture, Rattanland is always want to help the customer to get everything that they want, with the information in the website, the pictures, the prototype and many things that can make the customer feeling comfortable with the goods and service from Rattanland. Rattanland is trying hard as possible to give the best with the furniture that customer want, Rattanland also ready if you want to check the goods before it is shipped.

If you have your own design and want Rattanland to produce it for you, you can ask them to make the prototype for you, and don't forget about the design, size and material. Rattanland is provide everything that you want, from the product to information, and make Rattanland is one of the largest Rattan Furniture company that you can find in Cirebon or in Indonesia. So Now, don't be hesitate to visit Rattanland, and don't forget to contact Rattanland for further information.
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