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Rent it not just Sell it

By: Niez

Now, when furniture business always changing the designs, material, and marketing way. We have to know how to try to stay in the market. Sell the furniture is not easy as we sell food. Furniture is something that not easy change or gone in one time or one day. Different with food that we need it everyday, so as person that stays in the furniture business we have to know the tricks.

One of the tricks for wholesale or retailer is rent the furniture instead only sells it. I’ve seen a retailer website in Cyprus that not only sell the furniture they also accept the customer that want to rent their furniture, so the furniture is still give you money instead stays in your warehouse. You can advertise it in your website, magazine or your exhibition. Sometimes hotels or some company are rent furniture, that way you can have advertisement because people whose see it will ask where they can have that furniture, it will have a good benefit to you and your company. You can try with order not too much models if you try to rent it only.

If you want to start to rent your furniture, please arrange it with Rattanland, they will give you the best funiture style that strong, beautiful, and elegant. Maybe you can discuss with the marketer about what the design, material, and color for your special order.

I am sure you will doing it well to rent the furniture, use one of each models of furniture that you have in your warehouse, and you can see what market want and like of your furniture, but you have to be careful to select the customer pick the trusted and reliable customer with some conditional that can protect your furniture from damage.

And if your furniture is no longer having a chance to rent to other, you can sell it with discount, so you still can have money from it. Try to set up and separate the furniture that you want to sell and rent, give your client and customer choice whether they want to buy the furniture or want to rent it. Give them the benefit of buy or rent it. With rent it, they can change their furniture when it is already change the furniture trend. Your clients will be happy to have choice to buy or rent the furniture, and it will be very good for your furniture business.

Give a realistic price for renting the furniture, whether per day, weeks, or months, and discount. If you still doubt about it, maybe you can start it from now, try everything the stay and increase the benefit in this business. I am sure you can do it.(^_^)

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