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SAVANAH Rattan Core Living Set: Simple widely laminated living set

By: Niez

Sometimes you want your patio is becoming your guest room, not too formal but still looks beautiful and can make you feel relax. Savannah rattan core living set is the answer of your wish. Savannah is made from the widely weaving rattan core, it is laminated to the other rattan core and rattan poles. Rattanland proudly present this suite for you who want to explore your imagination for tropical land into your home.

This Savannah rattan core living set is very simple, both in model and in the process of the making of this living set. The process is without weaving process that sometimes taking time. Even this model is looking very easy to make, but it is taking time in binding process. The joint is using the rattan skin binding or sometimes using leather if you want, but it will cost a lot and making the price of the living set raise up significant.

Even the Savannah rattan core living set is look very widely laminated, it is a strong living set, because the it is supported by crossed rattan poles in the bottom of the chair and also in the back of the chair. The color of the chair is using honey color to make the color more looking natural and beautiful.

The cushion for this living set is using thick cushion and also dark blue fabric for cushion cover to make the living set more live and sharp. The coffee table that you can’t see in the picture, you can make the designs by your own or you can choose one of the table collections in the Rattanland table collections. You can choose universal table, or you can choose mahogany table, so you can explore your imagination and creation.

Savannah Rattan core living set is very suitable for beach house because it is can make a resort look in your house and it is having relaxation impression. You can use thick or thin cushion for this suite. The Savannah rattan core living set is also having a huge space, so maybe if your room is small you can choose only two or one armchair and loveseat with coffee table. Savannah rattan core living set will change your room to be a house with antique look but still having a tropical touch because of the classic shape and model. Go and explore tropical home with Savannah rattan core living set.
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