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Some Factors that Cause the Increasing of Furniture Price

By: Niez


Sometimes as customer we mad and angry because our supplier increasing the prices without prior notice. Also sometimes they send email to inform that the prices will arise but we don’t like it because your clients already like the prices that you offer to them. This is a bad situation for you and your clients sometimes because you will afraid that your client will leave you.

There are some factors that cause the increasing the furniture price in Rattanland. It will automatically will make the prices cost higher than before. The factors are:

1. The Increasing of the oil and gas prices

Indonesia as the fifth large population in the world is always spending a lot of gas and oil every year, and also there are two standard prices, for people and small home industries and the other for industrial prices. Rattanland will get industrial prices to get oil and also the increasing of the oil and gas will cause the increasing of everything, from the material to transport cost. If the oil and gas price is world market price increasing, Indonesia will also make some adjustment to increase the oil and gas prices, off course the consequences is all the prices will be effected too.

2. The Increasing of Raw Material and Finishing Price

The increasing Raw material and finishing material prices sometimes cause by the oil and gas prices, because oil and gas take a big part in the processing of rattan also the transportation from Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Sulawesi Island to Java Island. Sometimes it cause because when the raw material is hard to find or so many demand in the market. For Finishing, because almost of raw finishing material is import product, it has price in Dollar, that’s why the price always changing depend on the dollar rate exchange.

3. The Dollar Rate Exchange

Rattanland is using Dollar to give the prices to every customer. The Dollar rate almost changing every second, but if the changing is significant, it will cause the increasing of the prices. If Dollar weak, the prices will be up, and if Dollar Strength against Indonesian Rupiah, it will cause the prices will down.

But don’t worry, Rattanland always discuss with the entire department to increase the prices, and off course Rattanland will discuss with you about the increasing of their products and also Rattanland will give the rational prices, and Rattanland and you as their customer will get win win solution to fix the problems.

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