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The Aluminium Garden Furniture for your Outdoor Cafe & Restaurant

By: Niez

On the summertime, sometimes we spend our time to have a holiday, go outside, having nice coffee at the outdoor café with your family and friends. As a businessman, we have to see that this chance can be your goal to success with having a nice outside café and restaurant. But we have some problem to find fit and nice chair and table to put into your outdoor café and restaurant.

Rattanland is having the way out for your problem, as you can find any furniture you need in here. Rattanland is Aluminium garden furniture that very suitable to put in the outdoor. This model is having aluminum frame and covered with plastic weaving, so you don’t have to worry with the weather and also rain. The model design is very simple and stackable so it won’t take large place when you put it in your warehouse.

The Aluminium garden furniture models is designs very casual, simple and very easy to lift up and move. And not forget, Rattanland will give you the cozy and comfortable to sit on. So when your customer sits in the chair, they will enjoy the coffee, tea and food and also the furniture that you serve for them. Your customers will be very happy to enjoy their summertime in your outdoor café and restaurant.

The treatment for aluminium garden furniture is very easy, as you know it is from aluminum and plastic, so you don’t have to be worry it will rusted or having mould on the weaving. If the aluminium or the plastic weaving gets the rain, you just have to weep it with dry napkin and rub it gently until it dry completely. You don’t need the protection for the weaving or the frame of the chair.

The aluminium garden furniture in Rattanland is 100 percent’s made in Indonesia, and not imported from other country, so you don’t have to be worry with the price. The price will be cheap and negotiable just like other furniture price in Rattanland. Rattanland will always try to serve everything that you need and growing up together with the business.

Rattanland is having it own design, but if you want to have your own design, Rattanland is ready to help you. And Rattanland will always give the best quality and best service to make you satisfied with Rattanland furniture. So don’t forget to start order aluminum garden furniture from Rattanland from now.
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