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The Beauty of Rattan Peel Furnitures

By: Niez

Maybe you already know about the Rattan Peel, it is the furniture material that coming from the rattan skin that cut thin and it is having various size, the smaller rattan skin is called antique, sometimes antique is using for binding the rattan core in the basket or home accessories that using rattan core. Antique size is 2 mm, and it is use to be in dark color.

The Rattan peel is not only good for accessories or baskets, but can be for bigger furniture. The characteristic of rattan peel is hard but smooth like a plastic on the surface. This is why sometimes if the finishing is not good, the color of the rattan peel will be chipping off very easy. Sometimes to make the rattan peel stronger, Rattanland is soak the raw material in the big pool to make the color not chipping off easily.

In the early 70's Indonesian people was having rattan peel furniture in their house, but as the change of the time, the rattan peel furniture is forgetting, but in the world market, rattan peel furniture will always have it own place.

The beauty of rattan peel furniture is because it can be weave as want. You can play with your imagination, you can make many kind of weaving on it, and also, you can weaving it first and then attached it on the furniture frame. Rattan Peel is not only beautiful for the dining set, living set or occasional set, but you can also use it for bedroom range. You can put the weaving of the rattan peel on the headboard, and if you want to make it look thicker, you can add foam beneath the weaving of the rattan peel.

Rattanland is having so many kind of rattan peel furnitures models also. The models are Allen Chair and Living set, Felix living set, Trinidad Dining chair and many other models. Rattan peel furniture production process is taking time on the weaving process and also coloring process. On the weaving, the production people have to weave one by one the material and attached it into the frame, and have to be sand and burn it to remove the rattan hair.

The finishing is also taking time, as it is mentioned before, sometimes it has to be soak to get the best color and it will taking time. But with this long process, the end is you will get the beautiful furnitures made by rattan peel from Rattanland.
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