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The Exotic Beauty of Seagrass Furniture

When you think of redecorating a sunroom or a covered patio, rattan or wicker furniture will be the most common choice. But did you know that there are other materials that could give your sunroom or patio an exotic and unique look? You may have noticed wooden, iron or rubber based furniture covered in hand woven materials. Furniture of this kind is most commonly seen in beach front resorts and hotels. There is a growing trend for seagrass furniture these days. You can furnish your sunroom; your patio and any other room of your house with different kinds of intricately woven seagrass furniture.

Water hyacinth or seagrass is a prolific water plant that clogs the waterways of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Although quite pretty with its shiny leaves and fragrant lavender flowers, this profusely growing floating plant was considered a plague by the residents of Asian countries as these plants congests streams, rivers, canals and other waterways. Thanks to the innovative designers, these plants are now made into hand woven carpets and furniture.

For your patio or sunroom furniture you can choose aluminum, plastic as well as resin furniture. Aside from being low on maintenance, the chairs and the tables are at times collapsible and stackable making storage easy. But if you want to wow your friends you would choose to furnish the room with seagrass furniture. Seagrass has a romantic and exotic appeal. Apart from being uniquely designed, the sea grass is meticulously hand woven. This would mean that your furniture will be one of a kind. Choosing the furniture that would suit the existing decorations and furnishings of the room won’t be any trouble as online suppliers can provide you with a lot of choices.

To enhance the appearance of the room, choose a seagrass carpet that would complement the seagrass wrapped sofa, armchairs and loveseat. A seagrass carpet comes in different hues of tans and browns. This will easily hide the dirt that will be trapped in. Seagrass is practically stain resistant as the fibers do not soak up liquid.

Seagrass furniture would need more care and maintenance if you want to prolong the life of your furniture. Liquid spills on the furniture, when left unattended could result to mold formation that will damage the furniture. Because seagrass is a natural product, particular attention must be given to the cleaning and maintenance. A brush with soft nylon bristles would remove dust and dirt. Stains can be easily removed with a damp sponge but be sure to air the damp area to avoid mold formation.

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