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The Growth of Indonesia Furniture Industry and Its Effects for Western

This Southeast Asian country is always a source of attention for Westerners. This is because the country has rich natural resources, a wide market for consumer goods and amazing rich cultures. In fact, many Westerners get enchanted by this country both idealistically as well as realistically. For Western homeowners, the most important from this country is its beautiful cultures which had created beautiful home equipment. That is why the healthy growth of Indonesia furniture industry will make such homeowners glad because a healthy grow will make the prices of the products from this country even lower and more affordable.


The situation now is on the side of such homeowners, fortunately. The government had already corrected the level of the taxes to the export of home equipment made of rattan, abacas and other natural materials. Lower taxes levels of course mean that the final price for the end users can also be made as low as possible. But this is only one factor among so many factors that make Indonesia furniture industry healthier these later years. Another factor for such healthy growth is that the manufacturers themselves always on the path of progress. This means that they have open mind toward the development of the Indonesia furniture industry and market. They are really the experts for making home equipment made of abacas, rattan and the like with the traditional styles and designs but they are now also able to produce quality products with fresh and new styles and designs. Most of these new and fresh products integrate the modern culture. That is why the craftsmen are able to produce not only the tables, chairs, beds and others from the natural materials but also produce new types like book shelves, shelf fro TVs and DVD players and other modern stuffs.


Another reason for the healthy progress of the Indonesia furniture industry is the e-commerce. By building a website, a company from the country can make the entire world knows that the company has beautiful products that are too dear to be neglected. The website makes it possible for merchants, middlemen and general consumers to find these beautiful products easier. For people who have the resources to make a direct contact with the company, they can get lower price for those amazing products. Meanwhile, merchants usually can find more products with wholesale price which can improve their profit margins. That is why the growth has been healthier these later years.

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