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The Magic of Rattanland Marketing Way

By: Niez

Rattanland started the production since 1999 when Indonesia hit by economic crisis that almost ruined all the aspect. Mr. Tonton Taufik started it in small room and tried to get some customer from establish the company. And he also having some exhibition to show the customer that he was exists as Rattan furniture exporter. Since that time Rattanland is getting bigger and stronger, with a strong production and also solid marketing team makes Rattanland growing up and can have a competition with bigger rattan furniture company that exist before Rattanland was born.

Rattanland location before in Pamijahan, Plumbon-Cirebon, but now after growing bigger and the production capacity bigger, Mr. Tonton Taufik bought land and built the factory, office and showroom in Kasugengan, Plumbon-Cirebon. What make Rattanland is very well known in the rattan business. It is because the marketing breakthrough that Mr. Tonton Taufik takes to make the company get all the possibilities in the International business.

He was change the marketing way into e-marketing that makes the sales growth very significant. And not forget to always update the Rattanland website and also the product. Every month Rattanland always put something new on the new products, and makes the entire customer happy and always having a new idea for new range that they can offer to their clients.

The solid team in the marketing division, production division, and other division makes all the aim and goal is achieved. Rattanland is having many marketing person that can assist many customer that come into their website, that why none of the customer being rejected or denied by Rattanland, because they always welcome any customer that only ask the price or pictures, or ask about coming to the factory and other questions. Every division in Rattanland connected each other, because if one division is not working very well, it will effect the other division and it will ruin all the process and also get the bad products. Every division is always discussing every problem and tries to find the way out together.

That’s why Rattanland now, one of the new company that lead the Rattan Furniture exporter company in Cirebon. Rattanland always have a good marketing way, nice and updated products, and have so many furniture that every customer can choose. For the entire customer, you can try this marketing way to make your company growth bigger too and don’t forget to find your own marketing way.(^_^)
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