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The Outdoor Furniture Style Never End

By Niez

The world is always changing in everything, your life, lifestyle, the peoples and also the taste. The changing is also happens to the furniture style. People is always try to find something new and something that stronger for complete their lifestyle. In the beginning we always use teak, mahogany and rattan, now there are so many kind of material that you can choose such as water hyacinth, banana leaf, seagrass.

Plastic or PVC or other name for syntetic material is booming in the 2000's. It is strong, it is solid and also having so many color to choose. Rattanland trying to follow the trend even it is having a small portion in the production. This material also can be find in many material models, big, small, peel, fitrit, oval core, and also can be put in your back yard or outdoor.

You no need to worry that it will damage because of rain or weather, it won't be rusted also like the metal furniture. Rattanland is having some models that you can choose such as Oslo table, Vigo Chair, Verona Chair, Tenerife chair, Stockholm lazy chair, Melody Armchair, Lanzarote chair, Bobadella Chair and the last but not least is Ancona Chair.

These models is having a strong and simple characteristic, you can even change the color and put the cushion on it. You can also use the alumunium for the frame so it wont be rusted. This style will never end, and you can save your money for buying other furniture to replace the damage furniture. The Production also more simple, because it doesn't have the finishing or coloring stage, as when it ready, you just have to pack it after the controlling the quality. Maybe only to find the material will takes the production time.

These models is very popular in Europe, especially Vigo chair, because it is very suitable for outdoor cafe, because of the shape and color and also it is simple and strong when you have to put it in outdoor. Rattanland also having some order for hotels and resort, and very suitable to put the Stockholm lazy chair beside the swimming pool, and also near the beach.

Tenerife chair is very popular for the hotel lobby, and also as a guest single chair. The plastic characteristic made you very easy to treat it. You can use wet napkin to remove the dust or wash it. You don't have to be worried that the color will be chipping off the material, and also it will have a constant color. Thats why I called it never ending furniture.


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