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The Uniqueness of Woven Furniture

The craftsmen furniture never run out of ideas in presenting an unique furniture designs and full of creativity. They are always innovating by using natural materials and then create a form of exquisite and functional furniture. One of them is woven furniture. This is almost the same or other terms of wicker furniture. Rattanland as an exporter of furniture to over 50 countries around the world also provides a collection of woven furniture made by its craftsmen. Woven furniture made ​​of wood combined with rattan wicker, abaca, and natural fibers of sea grass. Its uniqueness lies in the embroidery or plaiting of wood and modern dynamic models.


We can see how great creativity of craftsman with weaving technique or wicker on the woven furniture. The details are complicated but elegantly and neatly arranged. The result combined with contemporary designs furniture that creates an eccentric shape. The most popular of woven outdoor furniture is chair, either a bench or to lounge. The design is very eco-friendly and easily blending into the atmosphere of your garden or patio. Impression of ethnic, traditional, and natural also fill in most modern designs of woven furniture. You will feel a soothing sensation of relaxation when sitting on this furniture while drinking a cup of tea and enjoy the garden with the family.

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