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To Get Closer with Rattan Furniture Customers

By: Niez

Rattanland is one of promising Rattan Furniture Company from Cirebon, even Rattanland just started the business since 1999, but the performance of the company is very well and always rising up. Rattanland has a plan to get the market as many as Rattanland can.

Rattanland is having a good relationship with any customer that Rattanland has, Rattanland will always try the best to make the relationship long lasting. One of the strategy is always maintained them with send them newsletter every month, give them every information about anything. Sometimes the newsletter content is new products that Rattanland released every month, other maybe about the over stock product that you will get a very special price.

To get closer with customer is having so many ways to choose. Rattanland also always updated the website every month, even every week, so customer is always having something new when they open the website, new product, new information, new article, or anything.

Rattanland makes the customer comfortable with always trying to get closer with them in many ways. With this way, Rattanland hope that the customer is maintained and always get closer with them everyday. Rattanland also put the video for each marketing persons to make the customer know they are talking to. Every step of Rattanland have is made to make the customer feel so close and comfortable, so they will always know that Rattanland will always give them something, maintain from the product that they sell, and after the products accepted by customer.

With newsletter and updated website, customer that still active or passive will always know the progress of the company, and they will respond for all the information that Rattanland give to them. Every information’s, every newsletter will very helpful to make customer know that Rattanland will always make the best product and also make them believe that Rattanland always exist to present the best company.

Customer will be invited to come and see Rattanland, because every month they are invited by newsletter that bringing new products. Rattanland also try to make something new with teak products that just started in one or two years behind. All this things are doing to make the entire customer trust about Rattanland, and also show that Rattanland is having a good performance. This performance will lead to increase the annual sales. So to all the customer, do not hesitate to contact Rattanland to get closer with them and get the best products, and also helping you to increase the sales.
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