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To know about Come to Rattanland in Cirebon

By: Niez

Do you have planned to come to Cirebon to make some business relationship with some Rattan company? Do you still confuse and afraid to come because of what you see in the news about Indonesia. Don’t worry, Indonesia is very safe and what you see in the news is not all true. Especially for Cirebon, it is very safe and quite city.

To come to Cirebon you have to make some preparation, one of that is to know about Cirebon. Cirebon is a border city near the northern beach of Java. So it is a hot city, so pack all your summer clothes and also cotton t-shirt. Some of the customer who came regularly to Cirebon always used t-shirt, Bermuda pants and also slippers. Cirebon is also ancient city, this is one of the company that having a lot of historical places like The palace of Kasepuhan and Kanoman that you can visit after having a business. So you can relax and learn about Cirebon.

For Rattanland if you want to visit the factory and see their furniture, you can email them that you want to visit them. They will arrange to book you a room at hotel, sometimes in Santika or Bentani hotel. If you want them to pick you up at the airport to use car, you can ask them to prepare it and give the flight number the schedule when you arrive to Jakarta airport.

But using car sometimes not to comfortable for some customer as it will take more hours and too tired to use car. The other option is using a train, if you already in the airport, you can use buses that go direct to the Gambir Train station, and find Cirebon express or Argo Jati train. Buy the ticket at the locket, and don’t listen to the people that offer you the Cirebon ticket because of the ticket already sold out.

Please also ask Rattanland to ask the Hotel to pick you up at the train station. If you already arrived at the hotel, don’t forget to contact Rattanland to make sure your appointment, sometimes Rattanland will call the hotel about your present. And if you already make appointment what time you will come to the factory, Rattanland car will pick you up at the hotel at the time that you want, after you have rest in the hotel. Now you ready to make some business with Rattanland.

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