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Understanding 'wicker furniture'

Wicker is a hard woven fiber. It is usually formed into useful objects such as furniture or baskets.  It is composed of original plant material (such as willow switches, rattan stalks, reed, or bamboo) but these days, sometimes plastic fibers are used. 


Wicker furniture has already been documented during the time of Ancient Egypt – baskets made of wicker were found in Pompeii.  During those times, the development and influence of Celtic art patterns led to the extensive use of wicker objects.  In recent times, the aesthetic of wicker furniture was heavily influenced by “Arts and Crafts movement” of the 20th century. 


Wicker is very strong and resilient.  In fact, it is used in materials to make hot air balloon rides, which need to be durable in lifting passengers at least a hundred feet off the ground. 

Even though the principal attribute of wicker furniture is strength (it lasts longer than classic wood and cushion furniture), its weakness lies in the tearing of its individual fibers.  As an owner, you should prevent dogs or small children to play with the little fibers of wicker furniture because if a single thread is torn, it will lead to the continuous deterioration of the material. 

In today’s modern times, designers use wicker to combine with other materials in furniture such as couches, tables, or chairs.  For example, a metal is used to create support beams for a chair, but the wicker is used as a cushion – the result is a very trendy and stylish piece of furniture. 

Even though wicker can carry heavy weights, the material itself is incredibly lightweight.  With a little maintenance – protection and care – wicker furniture can last you years of enjoyment.  Using blankets and cushions can further extend its life. 

Whether made of plant or plastic material, wicker furniture can withstand forces of nature such as the sun and rain.  Therefore, it is ideal for patio or outdoor life. 


There are various choices of wicker furniture, and the best way to buy the best one for you will depend on your need.  Your decision will rely on a choice between weight, look, resistance, and comfort.  These factors will usually depend on the kind of material used in the wicker.  More sturdy materials, like bamboo for example, are good for durability but are usually less comfortable.  A balance between the design, materials, and comfort should be well-thought of. 

Fortunately, the price of wicker furniture is much less expensive than other kinds of furniture within its league.  It will definitely add a flavorful look to your outdoor patio or deck.

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