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Why Wicker Furniture Hits the Weak Spot of Homeowners

If you are amazed at the beauty of wicker furniture, you share the same thoughts with royalties of the ancient Egypt. Archeologists have excavated proofs that pharaohs collected beautiful pieces for their extravagant homes. 

Today, the demand for wicker furniture made from treated fibers of plants like rattan, bamboo, reeds, and willows is very high. A lot of people are learning to appreciate the science of how these plant fibers are made strong enough to be turned into beautiful artwork furniture creations. 

Falling in Love with Wicker Furniture 

Aside from being captivating, wicker furniture never fails to make people fall in love with them for a lot of reasons: 

Durable – Wicker furniture pieces lasts for years and a piece of chair can be enjoyed by several generations. Like jewelries, these creations have been passed on and enjoyed by people as part of their family tradition. Thus, you can explain why antique wicker furniture is highly sought for in the market.  Versatile- Interior designers do not have any problems with wicker furniture being part of the theme. They blend perfectly well with other pieces, different color schemes, and different tastes.  Functional- Wicker furniture can be placed in any room of the house and they will serve their purpose. A wicker chair, for example, will be great indoor or outdoor, in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, porch or even in the bathroom.

 Spotlight on Rattan Wicker Furniture 

There are a lot of plants from which wicker furniture can be made of. Rattan is considered the most famous among these raw materials. Rattan represents more than 600 kinds of palms belonging in the same Arecaceae family.  

Rattan grows abundant in Africa, Australia, and Asia where you can see them as plants similar to bamboos. They behave like a vine that crawl their solid stems around trees and other plants.  

It is also the most heavy-duty among the other materials used to make elegant wicker furniture. Pieces made from rattan can be ideal for outdoor use like their synthetic wicker furniture counterparts.  

Rattan can also be easily manipulated using heat and be formed to creative shapes as tables, chairs, and other house items. Though well loved in their natural colors, rattans can be painted and can be made to conform to any color schemes. Rattan wicker furniture is also very low maintenance. All it takes is to wipe off dusts, water, or any other elements to make them lasts for decades.

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