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Wicker Furniture still Exist in Export Business

By: Niez

Indonesia is one of the biggest country that produce rattan and wicker furniture, because we can easily find raw rattan in Indonesian island like Sumatra, Sulawesi and also Kalimantan Island. In some area they also eat the leaflet of the rattan. They burn it first and then they eat after they clean out the skin.

Since the beginning rattan is taking a big part in the furniture business in Indonesia. As rattan very easy to bent to cut and divide to biggest and smallest one, so rattan become very popular in furniture industry. The biggest size use to be called as rattan poles, and the medium size is use to be called as rattan core and the smallest size as 2mm, 3mm, 4mm use to be called as fitrit, and when it weave tight it called wicker.

Wicker is still very popular until now in International market, unfortunately now in Indonesia it self we almost cannot find rattan furniture in Indonesian peoples home. So Indonesian rattan furniture business prefer to sell the furniture to international market as it is more profitable and also they buy it in container. Until now Australia, Spain, many European country is still like the wicker furniture to sell in their country, and most of the rattan furniture there is coming from Cirebon Indonesia, and some of them is from Surabaya, Indonesia.

Wicker is having so many models, we can just make it in one times one weave, or one times two weave, it depend on the creativity of every company in Indonesia. Wicker will always having a big part in the rattan business market even now we have so many material to make furniture like seagrass, banana leaf, and water hyacinth. Wicker can be very strong and durable if you can tend the wicker furniture with rub the wicker every week, don't forget to use some kerosene on the napkin to remove the termite, fungus or powdering.

So we have to be more creative to make something new in the wicker weave to make the market still love and even more to the wicker furniture from Indonesia. Wicker furniture price is depend on the design and difficulties on the process of the furniture. You can get cheap price if the design is simple, but you also can get expensive price if you want a luxury wicker furniture with difficult design. So be creative and progressive to make and develop wicker design to make it still exist.


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