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WORCHESTER Seagrass Living Set: Your Natural Living Set

  By: NEeZ

Having beautiful and matching furniture in our home is a dream for everyone. Rattanland always want the customers happy with the quality and also the style of every furnitures hat we produce. One of the beautiful models is Worchester seagrass living set. This living set is simple design with small curve on the back and the arm of the chair. With this “humble” design, Worchester seagrass living set make so many people in love with this model.

The simple design of the Worchester is support by simple frame which is made by rattan pole and also mahogany wood for the legs. Even the inside chair is made by rattan poles, it is a strong living set, and suitable for your living room or guest room. The weaving is very simple with fitrit for the vertical support. One of the uniqueness of the set is the shape of the ellipse coffee table, it is look so fat compare to the chairs, but it is still blending very well because it will make the set more stylish. And for additional, in the bottom there is some widely rattan poles that can be use to put your things like your books, magazine and newspapers.

For the color of the Worchester seagrass living set with the natural set, the natural greenish of the seagrass will bring your guest room or living room more fresh and look naturally beauty, and for the wooden legs you can give the darker color, for example dark brown or maybe black. And don’t forget for the chair you can add the seat foam and also colorful pillows to make it more fresh and beautiful. Add dark fabric for the seat foam, but for the pillows pick the colorful for example red, green, yellow, orange, light blue or maybe mix all the color. For the table, add the 5mm glass top to cover the table.

Worchester living set is not only beautiful in your living room or guest room, you can put one loveseat on the porch and it will make your porch fresher, and also two armchairs and one end table will turn the Worchester become a terrace set. Worchester seagrass living set is an old model, but it is one of the beautiful styles that Rattanland has. Worchester seagrass living set maybe look very simple, but the models will be last forever. Having a beautiful living room is not dream anymore with Worchester seagrass living set.

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