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3 Useful Tips for Rattan Furniture RepairSeptember 03, 2013
Rattan is really a plant that is native on the tropical areas around Asia, Africa, and Australia. Indonesia supplies 70% of rattan on the planet, and the greatest rattan industry in the country is located around Cirebon, West Coffee beans. This material provides special characteristics including durability, light fat, and flexibility, which is the reason it can simply be transformed towards practical everyday objects including walking cane, gift basket, and furniture. In addition wood furniture, rattan furniture can add an even more exotic aura into your own home. Similar to fire wood, rattan can furthermore be coated having wood stains, varnish, and paints. Therefore, rattan furniture or perhaps rattan garden furniture is very useful many different colorings. However, it usually can be purchased in its natural shade, and coated having clear varnish. Another good thing about it is that it doesn't stop here require a lot of maintenance. You can preserve the beauty and the caliber of our furniture by following the hints below:

1. Regularly clean the outside Since furniture manufactured from rattan has a lot of crevices, cleaning it can be a tricky endeavor. Use mild detergent diluted in h2o. Lightly wet a soft cloth when using the solution and move away dirt or perhaps stains. Remember not in order to over-wet the cloth as you will have to clean the areas without actually soaking your rattan. You may remove dust that has a vacuum cleaner in advance. To clean stubborn dirt inside crevices, you are able to use a used toothbrush. Do not clean the rattan with detergent many times since it can damage the lacquer coating.

2. Place your furniture indoor Rattan furniture is literally not really suitable for outdoor use, since it will lose it is durability to climate and sunlight. The easiest way to maintain the durability of your rattan furniture is definitely by placing it as part of your house and possibly not under direct sunshine. Also make sure you keep the balance on the humidity of your own home. Low humidity helps make the material dried out and brittle, while extreme moisture provides the perfect environment for mould to nurture.

3. Do total annual major cleaning At the very least once a year, do a major cleaning of your rattan furniture. Remove the accumulated dirt to prevent damages. Clean the rattan having more water than you have for daily washing and remove the dirt that has a soft brush. At a later time, dry it as quick as it can be using hairdryer or perhaps put it outside and not under direct sunshine. Re-varnish your fixtures with shellac or lacquer to protect it from water and cause it to look as good as new.

Rattan furniture and rattan garden furniture are durable and lightweight. Find more info and tips about furniture made from rattan from this website.
Rattan Furniture and Its EvolutionSeptember 02, 2013
Rattan furniture is one of nature's products that have provided jobs for you to simple folks living nearby a diverse area of terrain planted with rattan. This industry offers brought food for you to families' tables as well as education and successful living. To the business-minded people that have discovered way the government financial aid time of the uses of rattan, the manufacture of furniture using this raw material delivered worldwide attention. This was the start of introduction of today's technology to produce furniture within a speedy way. Thus, rattan is seriously nature's way to well-being and success. Thus from this simple structure of an chair to the world renowned designer's complex seating and household furniture, furniture made associated with rattan garden furniture characterized that evolution of classic rattan towards modern rattan.

The raw material is often a tropical Asian climbing plant which is used in making furniture and wicker furniture and other products. Some mistakenly imagine rattan as similar to bamboo and cane but rattan could be distinguished from both because it is solid inside without as hollow seeing that bamboo. Rattan is a different addition to the earth of outdoor fixtures. It is mainly within 600 species which grow from the tropical regions connected with Africa, Australia and Asia. It also abounds inside Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. The environment of rattan is generally in the bad weather forests. The acquisition of rattan in these forests is thorough, thus, labor comes in the community of poor men.

Rattan can come in into various sorts of products such because mats and baskets and also most popular of their, rattan furniture. In many nations around the world where rattan is abundant, the main trade existing is the making of fixtures. Various types connected with furniture is made out of this raw material for example rattan beds, rattan tables, rattan chairs, rattan dining established rattan outdoor home furniture sets, rattan, sofa sets, rattan couch, rattan seating, rattan shelf and also rattan recliner. By creating high-quality, timeless designs, manufacturers are focused on the movement towards non-reusable furniture and also towards a healthier planet. This furniture is definitely versatile for houses, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, pool sides in addition to sun rooms. A designer's private touch and genuine views about rattan is reflected from the designs that he creates. The aesthetic styles and styles radiate timeless beauty along with modern simplicity as well as fashion, functionality, durability and eco-friendliness.

With modern know-how, the skills regarding craftsmen are upgraded to surpass the standards that rattan, wicker and bamboo manufacturing is determined. Rattan furniture will be durable for indoor in addition to outdoor settings, offices, luxury suites, common areas just like dining, living rooms, patios and even more to produce excellent and lasting impression of your furniture. Maintenance of furniture is not very difficult. To keep the idea in its greatest condition simply wipe it using a dry cloth and also a damp towel for spillages. Then after, air-dry your rattan home furniture properly. For proper cleaning you can take your furniture with a furniture shop exactly where such services are usually provided. For further details, browse the net.
Patio Rattan Furniture Best Rattan Furniture To Your YardSeptember 02, 2013
You will have seen a brand-new trend in rattan furniture that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. The pieces look considerably more similar to inside wicker furniture you can use both indoors in addition to out with sofas, dining sets and lots available. The material currently in use to make this new patio furniture is called artificial rattan.

It is possible to purchase rattan garden furniture made of natural rattan. Rattan is this name given to numerous species of plant which are found in portions of Asia, Australasia and Africa. It is the climbing plant which usually gives it it has the length. After it have been cleaned, it can become woven around a frame to produce an array of furniture pieces.

The furniture if often mistaken for wicker furniture however wicker is the actual process regarding making that type of furniture rather compared to material it is made from.

Synthetic rattan can also be made into fabulous garden furniture. Some of this furniture is a lot more modern than extra traditional garden and garden furniture. For example it's possible to buy seating sets that look additional like an inside furniture suite, but made through rattan. When combined having some comfy couch cushions, the resulting furniture is usually a lot more comfortable than the usual usual deck seat and certainly more so over a plastic chair!

Synthetic rattan furniture consists of plastics such as polythene or polycarbonate. However, it can also be manufactured from recycled plastics, giving it of which eco-edge over other materials. Because it created from from plastics, you can have got your rattan garden and patio furniture in nearly any colour you would like. The colour will not fade as quickly within the sunlight as organic rattan would perform.

The best issue about synthetic rattan furniture is that it may be left outside many year round. It is waterproof - aside from any sofa cushions you add of course - and in contrast to natural rattan, won't grow mould as well as other growths. Synthetic rattan furniture is a great choice for patio furniture - why not take a look? rattan furniture, wicker rattan furniture, garden rattan furniture.
Garden Rattan Furniture for Outdoor UseSeptember 02, 2013
Whether it is an apartment, condo or an independent unit, every home has some open space. It might be an expansive patio, accommodative balcony or green lawn in the backyard. The outdoor setting provides the homeowners an opportunity to unwind in the open. It’s exciting to have a short outdoor party that you can host with the help of your home supplies. But for such parties, there should be a functional outdoor area at your home. To make your outdoor functional, you only need to add garden rattan furniture set to the outdoor.

Outdoor sofas and dining tables and chairs are different in properties, functionality and usability from the sofas used for indoors. Patio sets are more durable than living room recliners. Another difference is of design. Patio chairs are more comfortable than the chairs used in indoor sitting area. Indoor sofa can never be used in outdoor because living room chairs are not polished and finished to withstand the grime and moisture.

It is learnt that homeowners prefer using indoor chairs and tables in outdoors as and when required. Adding a pair of chairs to the patio could enable you to sit and relax in the outdoors but if you want comfort then you should go for patio set. Measure the area of your outdoors, consider its dimension and then find the set that fits perfectly in the outdoor setting. If you are able to find a perfect set, you would find that adding the patio set has made the outdoor setting fully functional.

Whether you have a small balcony or an expansive backyard, there is garden rattan furniture set for your outdoors. Patio sofa and dining sets manufacturers understand the needs of their targeted audiences. The make outdoor sets for villas with expansive backyards and also they have patio sets for people living in apartments and condos where there is little space is left for creating balconies and patios.

A wide range of garden rattan furniture set is available in the market and each set is priced according to its property, functionality and usability. It is not necessary to buy an expensive piece, if there are budgetary constraints. Affordable sofas are as beautiful and functional as their expensive counterparts. To know more like pricing, colors and designs of garden rattan furniture, you have to take a round of the market and see the varieties. Visiit http://rattanland.com that have the full range of outdoor furniture to offer.
Wicker Rattan Furniture is the Most Popular Kind of Rattan FurnitureSeptember 01, 2013

One of the most popular type furniture used outdoors is wicker rattan furniture. But that does not mean it can not be used as indoor furniture. It is durable, easy to maintain and practical. Even it looks beautiful and gives a sense of warmth.

Generation after generation have used wicker. Why is it so popular? It never stops being attractive and comfortable. This furniture is very versatile and comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. Wicker fits perfectly with any design and suits a wide range of tastes.

What makes wicker so incredible? It is the unique way of its production. Wicker is derived from plant fibers. They have been treated so they have become hard and strong. After that, they can be used for making furniture. Most used plants for producing these fibers are rattan, bamboo, reeds and willows. For making wicker, synthetic fibers which are stronger and more durable than plant fibers also are used. The final product comes as a result of weaving the fibers in to the desired piece of furniture.

Wicker rattan furniture is the most popular kind of wicker furniture. Rattan is a kind of palm that grows abundantly in Asia, Africa and Australia. These plants are similar to bamboo, but the difference is in the stems. Rattans stems are solid, while those of bamboo are hollow. This makes rattan more durable compared to other natural materials. It can withstand the forces of nature, so that makes it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Wicker furniture can be protected by adding a layer of varnish so it can keep its natural color. Depending on the existing design in the room, you can paint the furniture in the desired color.

It is easy to maintain wicker furniture. It only needs regular dusting with a soft cloth and once or twice a year you should wash it with water and mild detergent.

So as a conclusion: wickerrattan  furniture is popular, beautiful, durable, practical and easy to maintain. Enjoy your piece of wicker for a long period of your life.

Rattan Furniture For Indoor and Outdoor DecorationsSeptember 01, 2013

In general, a house will have some rooms inside and some spaces outside. Since there are different situations and conditions inside and outside, people should think of the interior and exterior designs for their houses. One of the important things that have to be considered is the furniture. The exterior design needs furniture which can compromise with the changes of weather. Meanwhile, the interior design can have more variety of furniture.

Furniture with High Quality

Whatever the reasons used to choose furniture either for inside or outside of the house, quality can influence people to buy the right one. The furniture with high quality and good design will be more interesting. The first sight can become the trigger to the final decision that we have to take into account of people's eyes which will see the furniture products.

There might be a kind of furniture that can be implemented as indoor and outdoor decorations. In this case, the material used to design the furniture has to be selected accordingly. Rattan can have the quality for this. Rattan furniture is flexible for interior and exterior design.

Based on the description above, the value of furniture mostly depends on the quality and the design. Rattan furniture can be designed creatively. Therefore, it can be said that the rattan furniture is a good quality product as well as the product which has a creative design.

It is common if the customers are interested in having furniture because of the advantages they can get. One of these is the cost reduction since the rattan furniture can be used in the house or it can be put in the gazebo outside the house. The design of this furniture is also unique. Moreover, the price is relatively reasonable for customers.

Rattan Furniture is the First Choice

Among any other kinds of furniture, the rattan furniture can be the first choice. The quality, the design, and the price are the considerations.

Repair and Restoration for Rattan FurnitureSeptember 01, 2013

Repair and Restoration for Rattan Furniture


Wicker furniture made of rattan is widely used to create stylish outdoor spaces, as natural rattan offers versatility, strength, flexibility and durability while rousing a pleasingly natural and laidback appearance. Whether it's an antique-style rattan rocking chair or a contemporary outdoor rattan bistro set, quality rattan furniture is a popular choice when it comes to decorating and furnishing outdoor spaces with functional and tasteful pieces.

Outdoor rattan furniture is valued for its durability and resistance to humidity, sunlight, and temperature extremes, but like any other type of furniture, it is not completely and permanently impervious to any and all types of damage. Over time, cracks, splits, stains, and molds can afflict your rattan pieces, especially when they are extensively used and not maintained as regularly as they should be. To address these problems, here's a guide that will give you an overview on repairing splits and cracks, removing stains and treating molds in your rattan furniture if necessary.

• Repairing Splits and Cracks

Cracked or split rattan is often caused by too much dryness, as when a furniture piece is left under intense direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, no solution can fully mend a split or crack to recover the original state of the rattan surface. The best thing you can do is to raise the humidity level of the material by applying a wood moisturizer or boiled linseed oil over the damaged surface area using a gentle brush. If you opt to use linseed oil, make sure you apply the boiled variety, as raw linseed oil will not sufficiently harden or dry over the rattan surface. Applying boiled linseed oil or another type of wood moisturizer won't completely heal up cracks, but it causes the material to swell and be flexible enough to make the split less noticeable. This technique also protects the area from being damaged any further.

• Removing Stains

Regular inspection of your wicker rattan furniture for stains is important, as the earlier stains are treated, the better the chances are that they can still be scrubbed out. To remove stains, prepare a solution of detergent dissolved in water. Take a harsh cloth and dip it on the detergent suds of the solution, taking care not to soak the cloth with the water. Use the dipped cloth to scrub the stain out of the rattan surface, and allow to dry under the sun or using a hair dryer. For spots that have stained smaller crevices in woven furniture, use a small toothbrush again dipped in detergent suds to scrub them out.

• Removing Molds

Molds are fungi that can grow on your outdoor rattan furniture, staining it while also eating away at the material and giving it an undesirable musty odor. To kill and clear away molds, dampen a soft cloth in a solution of water, dish soap and oxygen bleach. Using the dampened cloth, wipe the molds away from the rattan surface. Finally, spray a mist of lukewarm water mixed with white vinegar over the entire surface area of your furniture to kill any remaining fungi and eliminate odors.


How to Choose Rattan Garden Furniture?August 31, 2013
Outdoor and indoor rattan furniture is by far one of the best types of furniture you can use in your garden, conservatory or patio area. The best part is rattan furniture is available in a massive range of styles, from the traditional dining sets to the most modern styles including outdoor sofa sets and day beds, so there is a great choice to meet everyone's needs.

Rattan is the name given for nearly 600 species of palms native to tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia. Rattan is a type of long vine that matures in tropical parts of the world. To manufacture furniture from this tree, rattan canes are cut and split into manageable sections and then are taken through a process of steaming in order to make them soft and pliable for manipulating into the required shapes and sizes to produce the outdoor furniture we have come to know.

Rattan is very easy to maintain and unlike hardwood and softwood garden furniture sets, rattan furniture does not require oiling, moisturizing or sanding down. Rattan retains its shape, colour, and strength for several years. Cleaning is very simple, any dust or dirt can be easily washed off with a hose pipe or power washer. For any minor cleaning that is required, wiping it with a damp cloth will more than suffice. One of Rattan's main qualities is its ability to withstand the earth's natural elements, which makes it highly suitable for outdoor use.

Rattan is lightweight and very strong, making it ideal for rough use. The soft texture of Rattan even means that children are safe around rattan furniture. Rattan garden furniture is very cost effective and economical as is tends to be cheaper than solid wood garden furniture and it has a much longer life span.

When looking to purchase rattan outdoor furniture, look for some of the following things relating to the piece you may be interested in. The larger the diameter of the rattan stem will mean it is better quality. A size of 1 inch in diameter would suggest an adequately sturdy stem and will provide a quality piece of furniture. Rattan should be smooth in texture and devoid of hair like strands sticking out from the piece.

Rattan is graded A, B, and C. Grade A is the best quality and will have a smooth texture and similar colour all over. Rattan which is classified as Grade B will have a slightly rougher surface. Grade C Rattan will have a particularly rough surface, and has minor defects and splits in the strands used to make the furniture. Only purchase rattan garden furniture from reputable dealers and suppliers who offer you warranty with your purchase.

Care and Repair Tips for Your Outdoor Rattan FurnitureAugust 31, 2013
Rattan is widely used as a material for garden furniture because of its many qualities that make it ideal for long-term outdoor use. It is strong and resilient yet also flexible to a certain degree, owing to the lengthwise-running fibers that make up its vines. As a result, can be woven, twisted and bent into durable furniture pieces that are versatile, lightweight, and naturally complementing the outdoor environment. Rattan furniture also offers a breezy, laid-back look, and in its natural color, it is great for making the colors of accent pillows and accessory shawls pop for a more striking appeal.

Rattan is durable, easy to clean and resistant to splintering, but like any other material it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it looking its best for the maximum period of time. This guide gives you the basics when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your outdoor rattan furniture, plus extra tips on repairing cracks and splits.

Routine Cleaning
At least once a month, you'll need to clean the surface of your rattan furnishings to clear away dust, oils and dirt, and protect it from any major damage. Vacuum the exterior to remove surface dust. Then using a soft cloth dipped in detergent suds, wipe your furniture down thoroughly. Be careful not to get too much water on the furniture surface by making sure the cloth is dipped only in the suds of a detergent-and-water mixture, not soaked wet by the solution. To remove dirt from the smaller grooves and crevices of wicker rattan furniture, use a toothbrush again dipped in detergent suds to clean out the areas. Finish with another round of dry wiping, and allow the furniture to dry out in the sun. Once a year, coat the surface with lacquer or shellac to seal and protect the material better.

General Maintenance
Although rattan is fairly resistant to temperature fluctuations and varying kinds of weather, it is recommended that you protect it from extreme heat that can dry out and split the material, and from heavy rains or snow. Cover your furniture with a tarp when storms and heavy snowing strike, and rotate them on a regular basis so that fading caused by strong sunlight can be evenly distributed.

When rearranging or moving them around, lift the furniture pieces instead of dragging them on the ground, to prevent splitting the vine fibers. Better yet, find rubber stoppers or felt pads you can place under the feet of your rattan cane furniture to act as cushion between the ground surface and the rattan material. Also frequently check the wrapping and joints of your furniture for loose screws, cracks, stains, molds and mildew, and address the problem areas accordingly.

Repairing Cracks and Splits
For split or cracked areas, you can rehabilitate the damage by applying a wood moisturizer or boiled linseed oil to restore the humidity level of the area. Most cracks and splits are caused by excessive dryness, so putting the moisture back into the rattan material is the best way to repair the damage. Although applying oil or moisturizer to the area won't completely mend the splits and cracks back to the surface's original state, it would cause the material to become more flexible and swell enough to make the crack less noticeable.

Rattan furniture Promises Fantastic OpportunityAugust 31, 2013
Rattan furniture industry promises many opportunities that sparkles. Government policies in the field of rattan industry strongly supports the rise of a new passion in the domestic rattan industry.

At the time of import of raw rattan faucet is opened, the rattan industry we compete directly with rattan industry of China and Vietnam. At that time many customers divert orders to manufacturers of China and Vietnam so that production is down drastically.

However, after the ban on imports of raw rattan effective since the beginning of 2012, the furniture was re-orders to arrive. Even the home market is getting glistening with CSR (Comfort School with Rattan) launched the Ministry of Industry, so many state-owned companies and private funds to buy CSR rattan table and chairs for the needs of schools throughout Indonesia.
Approximately 85 percent of rattan in the world is produced in Indonesia. The Ministry of Industry has also established a joint movement to increase the use of Indonesian rattan furniture in the offices of government agencies, private sector, and schools.
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