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Fiber Lamps: Rattanland special products

By: Niez              


In this 2008 Rattanland is making some breakthrough in the product innovation, Rattanland is launching the fiber lamps.  For the first term Rattanland is introducing 3 items, Burano fiber lamp, Octopus fiber lamp and Africa fiber lamp.  Those three lamps are made with their own uniqueness.  Rattaland is introducting those three lamp to follow the new trend that every customer is needing something new for their home and it is not only chair, table or rack, it means the lamps with new kind of style.


The Burano fiber lamp is a floor lamp with tall and slim style, it is very suitable to put in the hotel lobby or in your living room.  The style is very simple but it will not look boring because Rattanland put the white / beige polka dot motive on the surface of the fiber.  This lamp will be very suitable also to put in your café corner.  This Lamp can put about 3 or four lamp. 


The Octopus fiber lamp is having different style from the Burano floor lamp, the shape is look like the water jar, make it look more unique.  And it is having same look with the Burano fiber lamp, with the white / beige polka dot motive on the fiber surface.  It is very suitable to put in hotel lobby or fancy restaurant to make the romantic atmosphere in the area where the lamp is putting.


The last fiber lamp is Africa fiber lamp, it is look like the Burano lamp which is like the water jar, but the motive of the fiber is different as it more look the zebra color, it is a table lamp and you can also put it in your night table, we sure it will bring new fell in your room.  The Burano fiber lamp is a table lamp, so you can put this lamp in your room, or in your living room to get the beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom and living room.

 These fiber lamps are made very carefully to get this beautiful shape and motive, and Rattanland sure that there are more style coming to complete the fiber lamp collections. We still trying to make new style with fiber lamp and we will always update our new collections soon. So if you need the fiber lamp, just contact us as soon as possible we sure that we can help you with the fiber lamp collections.
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