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Morish TV stand

Some homeowners pay a lot of attention to the center pieces in your home, but they neglect the small little items. Sometimes, it's the little pieces of accessories or decorative items that make the difference. For example, let's say your overall design theme is one that is relaxing, simple, and natural looking. You already have all kinds of good looking items in your home that help you achieve the look you want. Now, try to place some rattan racks around the house, and see for yourself if there is any difference.

Morish TV Stand.

The TV area is a space where you and your family members will most likely spend a lot of time in. For sure, you want the area to look and feel comfortable. The Morish stand is a simple looking rack that you can use to set your TV on. The TV set goes on top, and there is a void just below the TV for the DVD player or any other video devices. Further down, there is a small little compartment that is protected by two swinging doors. You can use the space to store DVDs, VCDs, etc
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