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Plastic Furniture, New Trend in the Furniture Business

By: Niez

Plastic is synthetic material that chooses to replace the natural material that having some weakness in durability, strength, and color. Now plastic is taking a big part in human life for everything from furniture to house ware, from clothes to kitchenware, we can find plastic everywhere. Furniture is also need a new trend like plastic material, that’s why Rattanland want to try this trend and launching it in the market.

Plastic furniture is made for the people who want the simplicity, colorful and perfectionist people. Plastic made the furniture trend more compatible in the market. People are having so many choices in furniture. We can have the constant color for the furniture weaving, the strong frame because it is made from allumunium and also can be put outside on your park. The plastic furniture can be very simple with all made on plastic like plastic dining chair that made from machine, but the plastic material on Rattanland is made just like the fitrit, rattan core or rattan poles, so it can be weave and shape just like rattan furniture.

One of the benefits of Plastic furniture is we can choose and play with color material, we can choose light or dark color, the unusual color, and also custom color. The problem now, plastic furniture is expensive furniture, because plastic material means use any oil for the main material and also sometimes we have to import the material from other country and made the prices getting higher. Plastic furniture sometimes only order for some cafes for the outside chair in the summer time because the chair and table is lighter and colorful.

Rattanland is trying to take the plastic furniture market by producing some of the models and having the prototype on the showroom. I have mentioned about the plastic furniture before on the article about outdoor furniture, and you can find the models in the Rattanland website. Plastic furniture will having a good prospect in the future and replace the wooden, rattan or wicker and any other materials if we cannot find those materials in the earth again.

So beware with your environmental, because plastic furniture can replace everything in your house, and we hope in the future the plastic furniture price will decrease the price and plastic furniture will more popular in the furniture market in the whole world. If you have your own design, do not hesitate to order it to Rattanland, Rattanland will always happy to help and having a business relationship with you.
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