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SCANDINAVIA Banana Astor Bed Set: The Bed that Change your Bedroom

By: Niez

Scandinavia Bed Set is made by mahogany wood for the frame and Banana small astor for the weaving. The Astor here means the small black line in every twist of the material make it look like Astor the long snack made by chocolate. The weaving is very simple without any variations make it look very elegant and sophisticated.

This bed set in complete range such as bed set in knock down, the two night stand for lamp and telephone. The Bench with cushion, and put at the footer of the bed. And Panel 3 devider for changing clothes.

Rattanland design Scandinavia for a hotel and resort, but don't worry, you still can use this style for your home. Rattanland has various size for this bed size, it is King size, queen size, single size and also twin size.

Usual Rattanland clients order the queen size, it is about 160x100cm for the bed mattress. This bed set is very popular in Cyprus and European country. Scandinavia bed set is very simple and also suitable for minimalist home. The color using brown color for the wood and natural color for the weaving. Because of minimalist style makes it have the corner style at the wooden parts. It is a strong model, and you can even change it with teak wood.

There is no curve in this style, so this style is not suitable for the new parents or the parents with small children, because the shape of the corner. So it is very suitable for parents with teen and adult children, and also for hotel project.

The Scandinavia Panel 3 Devide is also very suitable to put to separate the room. For example, if your guest and living room is joined and you want to make the separator, you can use the devider to separate the room, so it will become 2 room instead make a new wall or big furnitures to separate it.

The Night stand can also use for corner table in your living room, and you can put your lamp to make it look nicer, you can put the notes, small candles on the drawer. The Bench also can be use for your separator in the room, and also you can put it in the porch or patio. It will very beautiful also if you can put it in your living room as additional chair.

If you want to make the cupboard to match this style, you can ask to Rattanland to show you the complete range, and you will get minimalist athmosphere in your home.


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