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Wicker Laundry Basket Meets More than Dirty Clothes

Wicker laundry basket can be found in majority of homes across the globe. Everyone goes through the process of doing the laundry at least weekly.  The wicker basket is a perfect match for the job.

Wicker laundry baskets can hold the usual weight of used clothes that you have. They are made of durable materials so you can be sure that they wont fall apart going to and from the laundry room for several years.  

The wicker laundry basket also looks very elegant. A stylish basket doesn’t look bad when you see it in the corner of your bedroom or the laundry room. The wicker laundry basket also permits air to pass through avoiding any bad odor to kick in.  

Other Uses  

The wicker laundry basket meets more than dirty clothes. Your imagination is your only limitation with what you can do with your laundry basket. Wicker laundry basket can serve as a good tool to bring a pile of things down and up the stairs or from the cabinet to your garden. 

Using wicker laundry basket will save you a lot of trips and time moving things around your home.  It can also serve as storage where your kids can place their toys. You can place several wicker laundry baskets side by side in your den or in your child’s bedroom. You can teach them how to sort their toys. You can label which toys belong to which kids. Using the baskets you can invent a game teaching them to tidy up the room by placing the toys into the designated wicker laundry basket.  

If you have a fire place, a wicker laundry basket can be converted to a stylish container for your firewood.  You can arrange them and you will see how the color of the laundry basket blends well with the wood.  

They can also be used to store your old magazines or news paper. Instead of just piling them up, do it in a more stylish way. Deep laundry wicker baskets may also be used to hold canes or assistive devices in a room. It can also be used in guestrooms where you can place new linens, soaps, shampoos and other toiletries. The earth color and the natural feel will fit well with the stuff your guests will need during their sleep over.  

Wide and shallow laundry wicker baskets can double as your cat’s or toy dog’s bed. Just make sure that you line it up with soft cushions so they will not be scratched or scraped.  As you can see, the list of uses for your wicker laundry basket can go on and on. It is a cheap piece at home that gives you more than what it is expected to do.

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