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OSTRAVA Wicker Living Set: Classics Furniture in April 2008

BY: NIez

As Rattaland had promised you from the beginning that we will always make new collections and also update our style. And this April we are proud to give you our latest collections, the Ostrava wicker living set. The Ostrava wicker living set is made from rattan combination, it is made from rattan poles frame, and weaved and decorate with fitrit weaving and rattan core lamination.If you are classical rattan furniture lover, you will love Ostrava wicker living set, because it is having a very classical rattan furniture style, you can see from the arm shape that made from twisted rattan poles and some rattan poles lamination on the front arm and it is covered by small wooden to make the arm look more exclusive. 

The Ostrava wicker living set is also having two kind of weaving, one is just usual wicker and the other is about 5x5 fitrit wicker, so it won’t look boring.The shape of the table is also very classical, it is following the shape of the armchair, and also the curve lamination legs make this Ostrava wicker coffee table look more special.  Rattanland is also adding rattan webbing to cover the table surface, so if you don’t like with the glass top you don’t have to add it, but if you still want the glass top, you can add the 5mm glass top to protect the rattan webbing.

The shape of the cushion is also special, Rattanland make the cushion following the shape of the chair, and so it is cut one by one, so it easier for you to clean up if you wants to change the cover. And also because rattanland choose the honey color for Ostrava wicker living set, so you can play with the cover color to make this classical furniture more colorful, you can add the dark color or light color, and if you want the living set more exotic, you can use some batik fabric from Rattanland fabric collections.  And not forget, that you always can choose your own color for the furniture as Rattanland is having so many color collections for you to choose.

This classical living set will make your living room back to the 70’s, as in the 70’s this kind of living set if so popular and replace the wooden furniture, but don’t worry it will not make your living set looks old fashion, but it will make your living room look more comfortable and still stylish.

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