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SAO PAOLO Abaca Living Set: Small Simple Abaca Living Set

By: Niez

What would you remember when we mention about Sao Paolo? Exotic city in Brazil? A place that you can relax on? Rattanland want you to have an imagination feeling when making the Sao Paolo Abaca living set. The hot and tropical weather of Sao Paolo city can be feeling in black abaca weaving material in the sofa.

The shape of Sao Paolo Abaca Living set is Simple Square and also made to be simple. So it will not make Sao Paolo Abaca Living set look like the California Seagrass Living set that having a big box living set. The Sao Paolo Abaca Living set surface is covered by abaca to make the dark natural feeling on the chair, and also it is only use two-rattan fitrit on the pillars of the abaca weave to make the weaving stronger. On the bottom, Rattanland put the strong wooden part to make the living set is not stuck with all covered with abaca, so mahogany is chosen to make the models look elegant.

To match the dark abaca weave, Rattanland choose the dark brown color on the sofas and table. The Sao Paolo coffee table is also very simple with almost all the material is using mahogany wood also the table top is using 8 mm or 10 mm glass top, and the weaving is only on the bottom of the table for the magazine rack. Sao Paolo is made for people who like simple and not heavy looking on the furniture.

Sao Paolo Abaca Living set is not brand new collection of Rattanland but it is having a good prospect as it is have a natural looking, humble and very light to put in the small space room. It can be also put in your living room or also in your guest room. Don’t stuck with the living set name on the Sao Paolo, you can also put it in your porch and patio, you can relax and enjoy the sun with sitting on the Sao Paolo abaca living set.

If you don’t like with the idea of living set, with two armchairs, one loveseat or 3-seater sofa, one coffee table and two end tables, you can only take the loveseat and put it in your bedroom or in your working room, it will bring the cozy feeling when you need some relaxing. Sao Paolo Living set will always making you and your family feels you in tropical paradise without flying faraway to the tropical island.
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