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Furniture Style like you Want

By: Niez

Have you ever having a problem with your style of furniture?  Maybe you feel bored with your sofa and want to change with something new, like rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass and banana leaf furniture?

This is very easy to get, you can call the furniture shop and ask them whether they have other kind of sofa. Furniture that made from rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth and banana leaf is very flexible, it can be made for a luxury room, big, elegant, and expensive, but it also can be simple, cute and cheap. There are so many furniture shops in the whole world that sell rattan, seagrass, banana leaf and water hyacinth products from Cirebon.

Or for importer, wholesales and retailer that want to buy rattan furniture from Cirebon, you can choose from your supplier website, I am sure there are so many models that you can choose, and many prices range, also style that you can choose. Rattanland provides so many kinds of furniture, living set, dining set, bedroom set, accessories, screens, and many more. You can also choose the material if you didn’t like with the material like in the sample or catalogs, discuss with them what you want to change about the material or the shape.

For example, you interest with Bossanova living set but you don’t like the material, you can ask to marketing person to change the material, maybe you want to change it with seagrass, banana leaf, or water hyacinth. If you think it’s too big and want to revise the size, you can tell them also. It is really easy to communicate with Rattanland, just discuss everything about the furniture that you want with your marketing person.

If you have your own design, you can send them your pictures, not forget to mention about the material that you want, the size, and the finishing color. Just send the drawing or pictures attachment in your email. By giving them enough information about the details of furniture that you want makes them very easy to give the price, because material, shape, size, and finishing will be effect so much to the prices and also to the furniture prototype.

Last and not to forget, whatever the style, shape, and price range, you have to remember what the furniture used for, like sofa for sit on. It is have to be comfortable, nice and makes you love to sit on.(^_^)
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