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ST. BARBARA Wicker Living Set: Humble and Simple Wicker Weaving

By: NieZZ

What the first thing in your mind when we mention about St. Barbara? St. Barbara is a warm city in Texas with all the beauty that you can find very easy. Rattanland is proudly to present St. Barbara wicker living set, a humble and simple living set that having a classic look without make old fashioned impressions.

St. Barbara wicker living set is one of the classic style that Rattanland produce to fulfil the need of customer to have something classics in their house. The style is very classics from the shape of the curve arm and also the coffee table shape. The arm is look like a small wing that making this furniture look more beautiful, as the wing here can be some decoration for the simple model of St. Barbara wicker living set.

You can see that the design is very simple with very simple weaving with about 3-4mm fitrit, this St. Barbara wicker living set will have a great chance to make new best seller for Rattanland. At the first time Rattanland only show the living set, now after we see that many people loves the loveseat, Rattanland is proud to present the whole set, so you will be easy to see the collections.

All the frame of the St. Barbara wicker living set is cover by wicker weaving, and you can see only small legs on the chair, and the chair is put thick cushion for the seat and also the back, if you want to add pillows, you can add it one for armchair as if you put more pillows it will made your furniture crowded.

The Unique coffee table with the curve shape in the side of the table, and also the weaving is covered all the frame, it is have to careful to weaving. And not forget to add 5mm glass top for the table top, so when you put something on the top of the coffee table it won't ruin the fitrit weaving. For St. Barbara living set, you can use pale honey color or even the natural fitrit color, but maybe you will cost more because if you use AB fitrit quality the price will be higher than the BC grade.

So start to ask about the St. Barbara wicker living set from now, as you will get some classics style with new taste that will make you feel that the St. Barbara wicker living set will change your home and the classic style with make you warm to sit on the chair.

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